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Old 11-17-2000, 05:32 PM   #1

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One of my requirements for a good RPG is the level of emmersion I get into the game. Did I care about the quests or the townspeople ? Was I excited to get to new areas or see new skills ? I am into the storyline of the game so far. I lost it for a second after Roon as I sort of wandered for a bit but now its back. I just loved last night as I turned the corner to see Skull Castle. That was exciting. Talking with Oakie was great to. I loved him. I know I am close to the end of my story and I dont want it to end. Thanks DW for a great story and a fun game. I can live with the graphic glitches and bugs. Most other games that had these problems I would have shelved weeks ago, but I still am playing and enjoying W & W

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and don't forget all the fun that is to be had on this board too!

What a great group of people gather here!!

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I am enjoying this game and as you say it has got me immersed enough to continue playing despite several glitches (all overcomable) that have kept me playing were I would have returned it(we can do that here in the UK if wont run as advertised) had it been less enjoyable.

Somehow though I have not been able to identify with my party as in other CRPG`s.

I think this is down to the combat system. Despite other posts combat is a click fest. In daggerfall the weapon followed the mouse movement and in the old gold box games each character was moved seperately and the type of attack chosen. The all time classic Dungeonmaster had you chanting spells and eating the monsters to stay alive. Also the stretch Ford Mustang (every americian hero drives a ford mustang have you noticed) does not help credubility especially as they never made an amphibcar model.

W&W has a great story and the monsters look great but have you noticed the Monsters send in one or two to attack whilst the rest surround you at a distance at attack with spells and ranged weapons. You are all in a bunch and get the lot. It feel unnatural to turn your back on the monster attacking you to fire a spell or a weapon at those others around you and some of the ranged spells are more dangerous to you than to the monsters. This is all probally a throwback to the Multiplayer pretensions of the game (see some of the early screenshots when it was called Swords and Scorcery were your party was spread out during combat) when of couse the fighter would have moved in up close whilst the weaker party members attacked from a safe distance.
Once they had (in fact I hear that at the end only DW was working on this game) decided to drop the multiplayer aspect they should have converted the game to a single character
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Though I generally loathe real-time combat as a rule, it is somewhat refreshing to feel that jolt of adrenaline when you see your first man-trap, and run in the opposite direction as fast as you can, only to run into a swarm of evil scoundrels.. frantically trying to do them in and escape while the man-trap closes in, mehtodically, behind you.
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one of the advantages of riding the horse is that at the gallop you just sweep past all those annoying ratlings, worgurs and swamp flies whilst enjoying a relaxing dip in the wirlpool tub at the rear sipping serpant necter cocktails from the mini bar and watching the latest episode in the election for president of the Gaal Seran on the orb of clarity.

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