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Old 09-11-2001, 09:18 AM   #1
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After wandering around for a few hours with nothing but exploring, I suddenly find my party wading through possible quests--so many in fact I thought I'd get some input as to how to sort them out...

Jaheira was cursed. I saw this on the board a few times, but thought little of it. I've tried to track down her former associate and found he's dead, then I went to teh Council of Six and was approached afterward by the merc mage. He said I'd "eventually" run into that little twit who did it. I went back to the slums, assuming I'd find him there "sleping under rags" but with no luck...

Anomen passed his test, but while in the house some little runt approached Aerial and told her Quayle needed her. (Do we need to finish the Anomen test by going back to the "local authorities"--I presume the C. of Six?) What's that one about? I thought I left Quayle back in teh tent...

I found Nalia (so I could do that one...) in the Copper Whatever and the guy who is really a dragon. I pursued his offer for a while, until Rhuk Transmuter (??) kept kicking my arse and I realized I was in over my head... Went back to the city after that one... Most of us are around level 7-8.

Originally, after I got back to the city, I decided to start teh "statue" quest and while on that one I found the man who was poisoned by thugs adn returned him to teh Harpers. While doing that I watched Viconia torched (too bad that one...) and heard about the trouble from the little boy from Urma HIlls (??) WHen I started back to the original "statue" quest I stopped ina bar and that was when Jaheira was cursed. (See above...)

SO there it is. I've got a knot of quests. I need some levels and some more potent magic before returning to the Windspar Hills and dealing with the nasties there. I thought about pursuing the Silver Sword before I do that. It may make the task easier.

Which one do you think I should begin on/return to...??

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Old 09-11-2001, 10:26 AM   #2
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you can not get even the first part of the silver sword until chapter 4 and the second - until chapter 6. You could've bribed th emerc mage to kill ployer for you or at least stay out of fight. Ployer is found in one of the buildings in the slums (right side, above slaver's building) Uncle quayle will just ask you to visit Five Flagon Tavern and eventually rescue HaerDalis. Once you kill Ployer, give the lock of Jaheira's hair to her and rest at an inn 3 times. To get more xp, try doing quests around the city, like in the graveyard there are some easy quests and some not too hard battles. WHy didn't you rescue Viconia? She is an excelent cleric. Also, I found that clearing Nalia's keep is not that hard, just have some weapons that do fire or acid damage. I was using arrows of fire to finish trolls, but switched to flail of ages as soon as I put it together. Anyway, good luck.
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