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Old 10-06-2001, 12:26 PM   #1
Darth Bob
Drow Warrior

Join Date: October 3, 2001
Posts: 252
What do you think is the hardest of the dragons? well, I cant really say beacuse when i got on the boat to goto spellhold I forgot to do the quest with the red dragon, so, so far Iv only killed the shadow dragon, today I'm going to kill the silver dragon tho.
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Old 10-06-2001, 02:02 PM   #2

Join Date: May 2, 2001
Location: Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorum
Age: 37
Posts: 5,281
You're going to kill the Silver Dragon?? Uhm, your choice..
I reckon your party is evil then?
And none of the dragons in BG2 is particularly difficult if you use the proper tactics (I don't mean cheese, mind you ). Now Throne of Bhaal, that's a complete different story...
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Old 10-06-2001, 02:17 PM   #3

Join Date: April 28, 2001
Location: Cambridge
Age: 35
Posts: 3,877
Red Dragon is BY FAR the hardest!!!

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Old 10-06-2001, 02:20 PM   #4
Drow Warrior

Join Date: July 13, 2001
Location: Niles,Il USA
Posts: 298
Wow suprised to hear someone say red is by far the hardest. The red dragon is tough but I think the black dragon in suldenesselar was much harder. The insect swarm is real rough on the spellcasters and people with low hps and his melee is good as well.

Shadow dragon I think is definatly the easiest. There are actually plenty of other monsters that are not dragons that were harder than that one.
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Old 10-06-2001, 03:03 PM   #5

Posts: n/a
I never seriously attacked the Black Dragon (normally i cast a timestop and a couple of abi dalzims horrit wilthings and it's bye bye dragon)
but it would seem to me that a Red Dragon has to be the hardest according to the D&D rules

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Old 10-06-2001, 03:09 PM   #6
Dundee Slaytern
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: June 10, 2001
Location: Pasir Ris, Singapore
Age: 35
Posts: 11,063
You must also take into consideration the level of the party at the time of the encounter... ...

If you fight the Black Dragon with an average party level of 10, I gurantee you, you will have one heck of a fight. Take that same party and fight against the Shadow Dragon, and hey hey! A walk in the park by comparison.

Most people, including me, fight the Black Dragon when everybody in the party has maxed out already. Due to this, the fight is extremely easy.

In terms of fighting ability though, I say Firkragg gives the best fight. Though I must say, Firkragg is cute when he is a squirrel.

If not a Sorcerer casting total oblivion, then a Paladin meting out justice. Otherwise, I think I will just be a bard and torture my enemies with, "My Heart Will Go On".

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Old 10-06-2001, 06:39 PM   #7
Darth Bob
Drow Warrior

Join Date: October 3, 2001
Posts: 252
the shadow dragon was pretty easy for my average lvl 8-9 party (somewhere around that) havent killed the red yet, going to in chapt six, and no im not evil, I just want the challange of the silver dragon.
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Old 10-06-2001, 10:11 PM   #8
Fuzzy Animal
Zhentarim Guard

Join Date: October 2, 2001
Location: Canton, OH USA!!
Posts: 397
Dragons Hard??? (Big Smile)
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Old 10-06-2001, 10:23 PM   #9
Killing Spree

Join Date: July 11, 2001
Location: The Ashes
Age: 30
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KILL EM ALL! In the end you will see it seriously pays to have your ranger's racial enemy set to dragons.

"A man who won't die for something is not fit to live."
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Old 10-07-2001, 02:01 AM   #10

Join Date: September 11, 2001
Location: WPB
Age: 40
Posts: 164
I'd say the silver dragon is the hardest. if not maybe the red dragon..
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