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Old 01-13-2001, 09:37 PM   #1

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Can someone please tell me how to kill the demi lich in the docks after giving him his bones and defeating his body (regular lich).I have done everything else, Bodhi is dead, I am ready to go after Jon Irenicus himself, I just wanted to fisish this first and it will not die!
Old 01-13-2001, 10:15 PM   #2

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One particular strategy I used effectively:

Use a protection from magic scroll on Keldorn armed with the Holy Avenger. Then, hide your party in the corners, and whale away with Keldorn. He will only do 1 to 3 damage per hit, but the demi-lich only has about 50 or so HPs. Thus, he will fall well before your protection from magic will (In fact, since the scroll lasts 10 turns, it actually endures for 1 hr 40 min game time!)

If you don't have Keldorn or another Paladin, any char with a good THAC0 (not enhanced b/c the prot. from magic dispels all effects, including beneficial ones) and a powerful weapon will do the job. Characters such as Korgan or Minsc armed with items such as The Wave, the Warblade +4 (or Soul Reaver +4), Crom Faeyr, etc., will do the job nicely. Sling of Everard +5 or the Staff of the Magi may also work, but chars. with those weapons usually don't have a THAC0 good enough to hit consistantly.

Hope this helps.
Old 01-14-2001, 05:28 AM   #3

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I'm going to try soon a tactic that should work.
cast 6 delayed action fireballs where the first form appears. the fireballs ignite almost instantly, killing the first form before it can say "eekkk!!!".
have yoshi cast about 8 traps about 10-20 feet away, in a staight line parallel to the coffin.
start dialog.
fisrt form is instant crispy critter (this tactic has allowed me to take on 2 liches, and the twisted rune without even a scratch)
second form appears. I use ring of the ram to THROW it at the traps.
evil, neh?

got the idea from game banshee. the fireball tactic I developed myself.

anytime you're facing a mucho nasty spell casting scumsucker, that will appear at a predefined spot after you trigger something, traps can work, however nothing beats 4 delayed action fireballs. unless you've been shoving alll of yoshimo's stats into trap making, he can only set about 6 traps, at lower level 3 are disabling only. but unless the critter is immune to fire, the fireballs trigger instantly, way before even dialog or any possible spell defences, including contingency can activate.

you don't even have to read their rave before they die...

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