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Old 11-03-2000, 01:54 AM   #1

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Ok, below is a description of my party..

Level 3 Human Barbarian
Level 7 Human Rogue
Level 6 Pixie Wizard (doing quest for Warlock now..I think?)
Level 7 Dwarf Fighter
Level 3 Oompha Priest
Level 3 Pixie Wizard

I am thinking about turning my Rogue into a Ninja...good move? If so, do i need to go to other town to do this?
I am trying to get my Wizard to Warlock stage, this ok? I want to be able to identify !
I have no plans for my Dwarf fighter..any tips?
My Priest is currently completing the quests in Valeia...what should I make her..Paladin?
My second Pixie wizard is only still low & I cant decide what to make her..any comments welcomed..

I have finished the Crypt stuff, the Toad quest & Toadem part + some of the smaller quests you get from Valeia residents..

When should I move the party to new hunting grounds?
Also, I havent used any gold cheats it acceptable practice to do so because of the bugs etc?

Wow, a few more questions than I thought...appreciate any comments..

Old 11-03-2000, 03:31 AM   #2

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I have to admit that I used the get $$$ Inn cheat to give me some capital at the beginning. I also restarted the game 3 times before I decided on the party I wanted. I ended up not taking a Rogue because I found that my strongest Warrior could smash the early chests and then, when promoted to Barbarian, could learn Lockpicking skills. I also did not pick a Priest as anybody can use healing potions and Paladins can use Healing spells. Of course I had enough $$$ to buy the healing potions I needed. My party:

Warrior --> Barbarian --> Samurai
Warrior --> Barbarian --> Paladin
Warrior --> Barbarian --> Ninja
Wizard ---> Warlock ----> Monk
Wizard ---> Warlock ----> Paladin
Wizard ---> Warlock ----> ???(undecided)

All characters were around 8th or 9th level when promoter. This party gives me plenty of melee fighting power and also plenty of long range (spells) fighting power. It's working for me. I also have found the the Axe skill is not very good as I still have not found a decent Axe. Good Luck!!!

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