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Shadow Stranger

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Roll Eyes EE Manual Woes on Gog

There are some problems with the Manuals of the Gog versions of the Enhanced Editions.

One thing I noticed, in BGEE1 the BGEE1 Mastering Melee and Magic.pdf does not mention the new kits, except for Blackguard. Thus there is no description for the following kits: Dwarven Defender Fighter, Shadowdancer Thief, Dark Moon Monk, Sun Soul Monk or Dragon Disciple Sorceror.

The 'BG2 Manual' seems to be a renamed version of the BG1 manual: BGEE1 Mastering Melee and Magic.pdf! This is true whether you examine the manual that you download separately or the manual found in the main directory of the game.
Looking at the table of contents shows that spell descriptions only go up to level 5. Ditto, class advancement tables assume that PCs only go up to level 10.

I referred this to Gog customer support and was given the following link:

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Manual, Amn Survival Guide
Page 14, Power Groups, I don't recall Mages of Halruaa in the original BG2, I don't know if they were added to BG2:EE.

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Manual, Mastering Melee & Magic
This still has a few holdovers from the BG1 manual,
Page 198, Magical Items in Baldurs Gate II: distinctively BG1 items are listed here. No mention of the BG2 special items.
Elminster's note about Cromwell is missing!
Page 205, It still has BG1 tables for XP and so on.
Generally, it is missing most of the tables found at the back of the original BG2 manual.
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