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Undermountain Level 5

This is one level that has a fun puzzle you have to figure out as you walk down this massively long great hallway.
It was also the first time I used a puzzle in Escape from Undermountain!

The level consists of loads of Undead, Drow,
Duergar, some other monsters and the first introduction of DRAGONS!

There are multiple Dragons that reside on this level, and two of them are Bosses. But compared to the dragons deeper down in Undermountain, these guys are really weak, but they will offer lower level characters a challenge!

There are a few areas of interest, one of which is the 'Death Pit'. This is where a bunch of Dragons are, along with a few other Monsters thrown into the mix to cause you harm. Another is the Teleporter Room. This is a room that has a total of six teleporters. Each one will take you to a small room with a treasure chest. The bad part is that each room will spawn up to 8 monsters waiting to greet you. Below are the descriptions for each area of interest.



This is where you will come out when taking the stairs down from Undermountain Level 4. From here, you will see a Click on this Link For MoreMassively Long Hall.


Here is the only exit from Level 5 to Undermountain Level 6. This room is protected by a few Rakshasa and a very rude Dragon Boss named Click on this Link For MoreRazzmatazz.


A group of Drow are here. They are between levels 5-15. The best way to deal with them is distance spells or powerful arrows/bolts. Take out the Spellcasters first (Wizard/Clerics). Some of the Drow can Sneak Attack, so be careful!


The stairs down here go underneath the long hallway. You appear in a shorter hallway running north to south. You'll encounter Mercenaries and Spellcasters here. Take these guys out quick. Most of them are very low level.


Merchant You will find Lemtek the Merchant here. He doesn't have too much to sell, he is mainly used to dump inventory to for gold, and to buy healing potions, and magical scrolls.


As you walk down the massive Great Hall, you will encounter 5 Click on this Link For MoreWraith. These are actually NPC's, and will NOT attack you. There are 5 sets of spell locked doors in the Great Hall. Each Click on this Link For MoreWraith will ask you a riddle. Answering correctly will open that set of doors. Answering incorrectly, the Click on this Link For MoreWraith will cast Meteor Storm on you.

(TIP: If you answer incorrectly, quickly run away from the
Click on this Link For MoreWraith before he casts the spell. You may avoid taking damage!) 

The answers to each riddle are as follows:
F1 Stars F2 A Book F3 Nothing F4 A Coffin F5 Your Temper


The stairs down here go underneath the long hallway. You appear in a shorter hallway running north to south. You'll encounter Mercenaries and Spellcasters here. Take these guys out quick. Most of them are very low level.


Boss You will meet an angry Blue Dragon here named Click on this Link For MoreRazzmatazz. He is hard for lower level players. You don't have to take him on, you can just run for the stairs down to level six. But if you want some extra XP, go for it!


Here, you will find Werecats that attack you upon teleporting in.
These guys are weak, so kill them all and go for the treasure!


A bunch of Drow attack you the second you teleport into this room! Be careful, because some of these Drow are quite strong.


Shadow Mastiff, Hounds of Xvim and Rakshasa will attack you once you enter this room. They are slightly tough, just be sure you have some buffs on.


Here, you will encounter hostile Gypsies. They are no real threat, and can be taken out easily.


Krenshar, Spiders and Wolves are in this room. Yet again, this encounter is quite easy.


In this room, you will encounter Duergar. This is one intense battle. It's probably as hard as the Drow encounter in these teleporter rooms. Use buffs and have healing potions ready!


Click on this Link For More[Click to Enlarge]Click on this Link For More

The Death Pit is aptly named, because there are up to 8 Adult Dragons, as well as Ogres, Trolls, Grey Renders, Balors and Pit Fiends! The spawning of the non-Dragon monsters is random, so you may have more of one type. This is a hard battle, and you should be at least around level 15 to deal pain to these bad guys!


 You will run into a bunch of Fire Elementals and Magma Elementals. Make sure you use cold based attacks on these guys if you can. If you are a mage, Cone of cold and Ice Storm work great! You can also find wands of cold in some shops and in treasure chests.


Boss Yet another big battle if you are under level 18. This is a big Red Dragon named Click on this Link For MoreZargii the Red, and she is very protective of her large pile of Treasure! If you want that pile of goodies, you'll need to take Zargii out!


This door will take you to the Death Pit! Before you enter, you will want to cast all your buffs or drink the necessary potions to enhance your AC and attack rating. A player over level 20-25 probably can solo this with no problem at all.

S You will encounter up to 8 Greater Mummies here, so be careful, and remember to have potions of restoration, as they can drain you. Besides the Mummies, you will find a Treasure Chest here, and a Wand laying near it. Inside the Chest is a very nice set of Armor. It is Click on this Link For More[set] Ryld's Dwarven Breastplate and is Full Plate! Very nice for Fighters and other classes that allow for heavy armors!

T This is the Teleporter Room. Each Teleporter will take you to a small room with no doors or exits, just another teleporter in the center of the room--this will return you to the teleporter room exactly where you were. Inside each small room is a Treasure chest with mediocre loot. When you enter a teleporter, the room will be full of Monsters. (Up to 8 total for each room). The only Rooms you need to worry about are J and N locations.

Tips & Hints By Players
If you have some tips for Undermountain Level 5 Email Us


Duergar Encounters

The Duergar are probably one of the toughest humanoid encounters on level 5. The best way to handle them is take out the magic users first, then go after the fighters. (Take out the Clerics second)





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