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Undermountain Level 1

Undermountain Level 1 was the second level I created the day Neverwinter Nights 1 was released. (Also the Tavern). Neither were as complex as they are today.

Undermountain Level 1 is a large cavern, and entry to it can be found in the Yawning Portal Inn's Water well. You can enter the well after speaking to Durnan, and paying 1 gold. When you have done this, and received your papers, you may enter the well.

The other way is more dangerous, and can be found in the basement of the Yawning Portal.

Before you enter this level, you should first level up to 7, and have tons of supplies! Scrolls and Potions are a must. Bark skin, and such..



This is one of two entrances to Undermountain Level 1 (UM1), this one is the entrance/exit to the Yawning Portal Water well. When the server is fresh on reset, a low level player will be attacked by a few Undead as well as other low level Monsters. You want to be Level 7 or higher before entering the Well.


This is the first Rapid Access Transport System (R.A.T.S.) you will come upon in Undermountain, and one of the most used Click on this Link For MoreR.A.T.S. teleporter system as well. This Teleporter will send you to Level 3 of Undermountain (UM), which is Skullport. From there, you will find many other R.A.T.S. that can send you deep down into Undermountain!


You will find the stairs Click on this Link For MoreDown to Undermountain Level 2 here. Be ready to fight slightly stronger Monsters!


This is the Click on this Link For MoreEntrance to UM Level 1's Arena. This is one of a few Click on this Link For MoreARENAS where Player VS Player (PvP) is allowed. If you want to test your mettle against another player, this is where you can do it!


The first 'boss' battle in Undermountain!

His name is Click on this Link For More
Thurkul the Great and he is a very angry Fire Giant!

He has made himself and a few others a small encampment on this level of Undermountain, and killed many adventurers along the way. He has quite a collection of treasure, so go pay this angry giant a visit!

Take him down with cold based weapons or spells. He cannot be disarmed, so have the fighters melee him.

Be very careful of some deadly traps right before the island where Thurkul stands. Turn your search setting on and if you can, disable this trap.


A small Drow encampment is here. And to get to some of them, you will need to bash down some sturdy spider webs! They guard some nice treasure too!


Henchman One of two Henchmen you can get to join you on UM Level 1!
This is Click on this Link For More
Moric Nimblefoot He's a Ranger. He can take on some strong enemies with the blade or from afar with his Bow. Moric is weaker than Roddybug the Wizard though, but has other strengths.


Near each massive Gemstone Ore fragment is a trigger that will summon a Crystal Ice Mephit. They come down from the ceiling of the cavern and attack you. These little guys are not that tough, just be warded for frost.


Henchman Here, you will find the second Henchman that resides on this level of Undermountain. Click on this Link For MoreRoddybug is his name. Named after a longtime EFU Player that still, to this day plays EFU! Roddybug is a very powerful Magic user and fighter. He is indeed the best choice to hire for low level players!


This is a cheap way to enter Undermountain, as well as a more dangerous way. It's a backdoor into this level, and exits to the Yawning Portal Inn & Tavern's Basement. The Drow created this tunnel, attempting to take over the Yawning Portal and kill Durnan. It is unknown WHY the Drow are angry at Durnan....


This is a Click on this Link For MoreSecondary Exit to level 2 of Undermountain. This is a newly created entrance to Level 2, It was opened in late 2004. If you take this way, it allows you to avoid a large fight on the 'island'. But you may miss secret doors...


This was once a closed off cavern, but now it links to sections of UML1. This area has MANY enemies, so be ready for a fight if you are under level 9. There is a treasure chest in this area.


The trap room! This room has tons of traps, but if you have a lens of detection, or can disarm them, get the XP! This hallway goes to the stairs down to level 2. (The secondary way down). But you gotta make it through some monsters first!


This is the first secret room in Undermountain you will probably find! To find the access door to this area, look near the area on the map above where the "S" is located. Make sure you have SEARCH on. You will need a search rating of at least 3 to find the secret door.


This is the first stone item you will probably come across, and it is a NON-DROP item, so don't pick up more than one per character! When you use them, you do not lose them. These stone items are used to activate the Click on this Link For MoreR.A.T.S. teleporter system. This stone, (The Holy Symbol) will allow you to teleport from UM Level 1 to Skullport and vice versa. Look at the Teleporter device to see which item is needed to activate it. Whichever is missing is the one that activates the device. This is one of Eight different Stone items! Only take one of each type.


Quest NPC Click on this Link For MoreUleth'de Ulen the Drow Matron is being hunted by a party of Drow females that wish to kill her to rise in their positions in their House. Uleth'de Ulen wants you to kill them before they kill her, and for proof that you killed them, bring back the patrol leader's ring. Doing this, you will receive 8000 gold, 4800 XP, some potions and Click on this Link For More[Set] Shadow Thieves - Boots of Shadow


This is the one area most players never see, and never will. This small dead end can only be reached by DM, and when the server was open to localvault players, I would teleport players to this room that were either rude to other players, griefers, or players that we're wearing items that were hacked to crazy god-like levels. I would move them to this room, and they were trapped. There are tons of traps, and three signs that say "Cheaters DIE in this Mod", "Cheaters have no skill" and "Cheaters have no honor". I think I used it 3 or 4 times in since 2002. But I still keep it for silly DMing fun!


Beware of Lump the Ettin! Actually, his looks are worse that his.. um, club. He is a very low level boss, and has a small treasure chest he guards.


If you have search on, or have a high enough search rating, you will find a secret door at this location. It will take you to the "N" location on the Map above!

Interview with Thurkul the Great

Thank you for agreeing to an interview, Thurkul. So how has life been down in Undermountain?
You lucky me do interview! How me doing? How you think?! Me and my people keep getting attacked and killed almost daily. We sick of it. So we do this interview to get words out!
Ah.. And what...'words' are they?
We no longer want to keep dying. Me want Durnan to warn adventurers not to mess with us! We have a family coming. We want to protect baby giants.
Um.. Baby Giants? Isn't that an Oxymoron?
Who you call MORON?!! Me agree to interview to be insulted? How dare you! I am Thurkul the GREAT! Me could smash you with hands!
Yeah, and I could delete you. That takes just one FINGER!
Oh. Me forgot. Me sorry... So, let me tell you how we are doing, besides dying and being attacked. We are staying in Undermountain still. Only problem is the heat. But we deal with that easy. We have camp near water, so we jump in to cool off.
But.. wait a second. You're a Fire Giant. Heat isn't supposed to bother you I thought?
That a LIE! We are labeled that because we are red.  We do get hot sometimes, and need cooling. My wives wear thongs to keep cool too. And the armor we wear is made from Gore-Tex. It keep us cool, and me happy for that.
Very interesting. Well Great one, thank you for the interview, it's been quite dull. bye!

Tips & Hints By Players
If you have some tips for Undermountain Level 1 Email Us


Drow Archers

Beware of the Drow Archers, as they have deadly arrows and good aim. Try to keep a wall or obstruction between you and the archer. When you do go to attack them, run up to them and engage in melee.





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