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Default Haven't been here in a while...

And to see that Dragon Age has a thread on this site is truly depressing (same with Starcraft 2!). It could have been worse though, it could have had an Alpha Protocol thread as well!

Dragon Age, by any standard of any cRPG on this site, is no CRPG! It's is linear, despite being well disguised, and it has no sandbox non linear world to explore and find quests in, like any standard cRPG! With talk of Dragon 2 losing most of it's RPG elements, I think it was very short-sighted to put this thread up and not cover a cRPG like like The Witcher, or the Gothic series or even Drakensang or Space Rangers 2 all are much more cRPG's than Dragon Age and Starcraft, and I thought that's what this site was about!

I have a new schedule and was planning to come more often. But I have said what had to be said for the cRPG's that have been on this site for a while now. None of the new titles interest me in the slightest as they are not cRPG's!

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