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T-D-C 11-21-2004 09:29 PM

Firstly welcome to the Neverwinter Nights forum on the Ironworks gaming website. These rules will not only help you find information here but also help us help you [img]smile.gif[/img]

Secondly you may want to read over the rules and regulations so you know how to use this forum. The rules and regulations can be found here.

Now onto more pressing matters.


Many people come to this site for assistance with certain quests, plots & NPC's. Many of these people may be playing the game for the first time. Please do not spoil the plots or quests for people who do not ask for spoilers.

If you are posting a thread where spoilers may come up please advertise the fact that you are posting spoilers by placing *SPOILERS* in your subject title.

If you are giving some one advice in a thread and there may be spoilers in your answer please structure your thread like this


Character X will betray you!!!!!
Expansion Packs & Patches

if you have a question about the game please let us know the following

1. What Expansion Packs you are running (SoU and HotU)
2. What patch you have installed
3. What Operating System you have installed
4. Any overrides or hak's that you have installed.

This will allow our members to better assist you.

Using the Search function

Many topics that you will have questions on may have already been answered. Please use the search function to see if your topic has already been answered.

Thread necromancy

This is where a thread that has not been replied to in a long time (say 6 months) is suddenly replied to. If you have a question on a topic and the only thread you can find on it is 6 months old please do not reply to that topic. Please create a new topic and someone can answer your new question.

Double Posting

Whether by accident, or intentional. Double Posting is not encouraged in this forum.

Do not expect instantaneous answers, believe it or not, we may have other things to do and cannot observe the forum all the time. It may take a few hours before somebody answers.

Be patient. Spamming the forum with threads that deal with the same question will only invite trouble for you (and may annoy people who would otherwise answer you).

Well thatís all I have for now. Please feel free to PM me if you require assistance with the Game or the Forum.

Cheers & Happy Gaming

[ 11-24-2004, 12:09 PM: Message edited by: Larry_OHF ]

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