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Old 09-11-2001, 01:45 PM   #1
Raif Gwydionson
Dungeon Master

Join Date: March 19, 2001
Location: PA
Age: 37
Posts: 60
Any effort to understand this attrocity will be in vain.

In the midst of these events, let us not forget the thousands of emergency response workers who sacrificed their lives in the subsequent collapse of the twin towers, and their heroic efforts in which they gave their lives for the needs of others. These are the true heroes of our time.

I for one live ten miles outside of New York City, and i will miss seeing the awe inspiring presence of the twin monuments on the skyline, but I think I shall miss more the lives of innocents who were unnecessarily murdered.

Let us not forget those who we loved and could have loved.
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Old 09-11-2001, 01:47 PM   #2
Legolas the Elven Archer

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I agree. This must not be forgotten.

The last arrow of Legolas kindled in the air as it flew,
and plunged burning into the heart of a great wolf-chieftain.
All the others fled. -J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

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Old 09-11-2001, 01:51 PM   #3

Join Date: April 28, 2001
Location: Cambridge
Age: 35
Posts: 3,877
A minute silence for all those who fell...

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Old 09-11-2001, 01:53 PM   #4
Emerald Dragon

Join Date: March 12, 2001
Location: spokane wa usa
Age: 34
Posts: 926
Let us all thank the valiant rescue workers, they have had a long morning and are going to have a longer day a head of them. Without them many more would be dead right now.


All blades cut, be they made from metal or wood, but the sharpest and deadliest blade is the one of knowledge.

An Archmage of the HADB
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Old 09-11-2001, 02:08 PM   #5
Account deleted by Request

Join Date: May 17, 2001
Location: .
Age: 32
Posts: 8,802
A moment of silence would be appropriate.

Gwydionson, hmmmmmmm..... Would you happen to be a member of the Synthetic Reality forums? Your nick is quite similar to one of the members there whose nick is "Gwyddyon".
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Old 09-11-2001, 02:08 PM   #6

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Old 09-11-2001, 02:26 PM   #7
Thoth - Egyptian God of Wisdom

Join Date: August 16, 2001
Location: UK
Posts: 2,891
Let us mourn all the friends not yet met that were lost and all the potential that is now gone from the world. The world is a darker place today than it was yesterday, and let us cry while we still have tears to shed. Solum in tristitia congregavimus Only in grief are we united.

PS The Latin statement will probably have a lot of errors but I gave my best try



Waitress at Cloudy's Cafe
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Old 09-11-2001, 04:16 PM   #8
Elif Godson

Join Date: August 28, 2001
Location: Hurricane Valley
Age: 46
Posts: 3,086
Let us pray......

The noble and the true now rest in Valhalla.

If you dont know where you are going, stop spin around three times and then your home.
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Old 09-11-2001, 10:23 PM   #9

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Amen, I honor the sacrifice of all brave rescue workers and my heart goes out to the loved ones of those who perished.
Old 09-11-2001, 10:25 PM   #10
Gwhanos, Lord Of Evil

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All your base are belong to us! How Are you gentlemen?

The Spaminyte Emperor
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Official villain/demon of IW!

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