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Old 10-26-2000, 12:40 AM   #1

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Role playing game: You have quite a large number of ROLES you can choose from in W&W. Also you can choose when to do certain quests, providing you GET the quests first, which i agree is FUBAR.
The quirkiness itself makes this game beyond "newbie", as knowledge of previous RPGS DEF. helps get past it all.
I also have to say i think the puzzles so far are very well made compared to others games of this ilk.

Old 10-26-2000, 02:40 AM   #2

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Wayyyy too easy ,and i dont know why thy call it a RPG since there is no decision to make.You cant play good or evil you just play the game.Even Might&Magic had more possibility.The party is totally lifeless,i never saw a worst quest system.Too few spell to choose.Lifeless 2d town.Crappy dialogue system.With 6 more month in developpement this game could be a hell of a game but in this current state its really bad.Boy do i wanted to like this game but sorry i cant stand all the bug and glitches that should have been fixed in the testing........HP you dropped the ball on that one.
Old 10-26-2000, 10:25 AM   #3
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No decisions to make? - you decide where to go and what to do, and when.
Too few spells? - which game are you referring to?
2D Town - saves a great deal of frustration trying to remember just which house is the inn etc - always annoyed me in other games. I like it.
Quest system is exactly where you get a lot of choices to make - what don't you like about it?
Dialogue system - now I will agree that it often needs a 'fast forwards' option, but that is just one of the faults we have to live with in order to get the game at all.
I suspect it HAD to released before Wiz 8 or never, and I would rather have it a little unfinished than not at all.
Just my view - yours clearly differs, as is your right.
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Old 10-26-2000, 10:33 AM   #4

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I agree with you points. But because of this, it is no newbie game.
This Quests are rediculus. A thing or monster is just there, AFTER you got the Quest? Studpid! Why not solve all things in a place and get the revard later??
And yes: the party has no live at all. Not even spoken words as in Might and Magic - not to speak of Baldurs Gate or Planescape!
I don't need the decision between alternatives, but I want alternative solutions, ways to succeed.
So this in not for newbies, it is just not ready.
Old 10-26-2000, 03:38 PM   #5

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boby has been spouting this negative crap all over this message board, again and again...if you aren't a fan then just go away!
Old 10-26-2000, 05:25 PM   #6

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Dont tell me you like to have each member of a guild talk to the guy to get the quest and then have all the chars talk to the guildmaster again to get the reward.Lets compare spell in w&w and BG2

Wizard & Warrior :104
Baldurs Gates :296

Another thing is ,in Wiz and Warrior the spell system is made so you end up using the same 20 spell or so over and over.Why cast flamedrop when you can use flamestrike.The ad&d system is made so even at the end of the game you end up using a larger variety of spell.
And dont get me started on the weak story in Wiz and Warrior
Old 10-28-2000, 12:50 AM   #7

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W&W is a fun game, but I agree is very easy going. Both Wizardry 6 and 7, Bradley's previous games, were larger, harder, and more involved than this game.
Old 10-28-2000, 04:20 PM   #8

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If ya don't like it then DON'T play it sheesh, damn whiners. There has never been a game to date in all human history that has been perfect. Its a great game after all the hours put into developing it so you can sit and play it. There are plenty of substitutes out there. Use this forum for constructive and helpfull tips for those stuck in the game. We can all do without hearing this whining.

Sorry I see it this way...
Old 10-28-2000, 05:24 PM   #9

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I wish the people of Might & Magic, Settlers and Wizards & Warriors could get together and make one heck of a game.

Settlers has the village action, you can build things and take care of a 3D world. M&M takes you into that world, it is vast but their dungeons and castles have gotten way to simple and small, Wizards and Warriors gets an A+ in that area.

But Wizards and Warriors is crampt, too dark and I hate so many path ways over big open spaces to roam. Wizards and Warriors is an excellent game, better grapics than M&M, but their characters suck compared to M&M, the cartoonish flat faces you pick from just sit there motionless the entire game.

But the graphic of Wizards and Warriors in fight sceens are really good and the two places I have been in thus far are outstanding (haven't finished the game yet).

I am happy with it, like Might and Magic but have been very disappointed with them, they have really just gone for the bucks lately and fallen short or gotten lazy in their game making, MMVIII was a huge joke, and they could have worked a bit more on it and made it a great game, lazy lazy lazy.

I think Wizards and Warriors could have been much better, like have real villages you can walk into rather than the flat ones, have your characters do something and try to do better art work on them. Open and lighten the darn thing up more and allow your players to rest until morning.
Old 10-28-2000, 05:33 PM   #10

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In my opinion there's only one thing that is really bad with this game. Its WAY to buggy...

Maybe its too small, i dont know. I havent finished it yet.. But better with too small than too big.. Like some other games (some early m&m was way too big, and there was no way u could finish it if u had a job or school to attend too).


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