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Old 11-19-2000, 02:10 PM   #1
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Ok, should I have killed the old hag right away? I did, am still a boogre (is that normal?) and now am getting my clock cleaned by the plants (had enough of them OUTSIDE), my spells get cast way too slow to defend and fighting them face to face doesn't seem to help as they don't take turns kicking my ars. Finally, what does the "evil eye" do? I assume it could kill someone, (the old "giving you the evil eye" but how do I use that trait?

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You can change from a boogre by using the evil eye in a room by the cells. The cells are in the far northwest corner of the dungeon. The hallway forks. Take the other fork but beware there are two jungle lilies guarding the entrance. Inside the room is a wall decoration that will take the evil eye. A secret door will open. Have each character touch the statue. To defeat the evil eyes you have to cast before they do. Immediately retreat if they have started casting. They will follow. Have one of your wizards ready to cast burning haze. Burning haze will keep them from casting and may kill them outright. When they are in the haze you can cast lightning.

Now maybe you can help me. I visited Pris at the lookout and she told me to get the ring. So I got the ring came back and Pris is no where to be found. How do I find Pris so I can get to the hag?
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Pris'kiel'a wanders around after you talk to her...she followed me as I was running away from the Lily Plants and got killed by a Grunt. Don't worry, though...if she dies, the door will open automatically.
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