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Old 11-19-2000, 06:36 PM   #11
The Magister

Join Date: January 8, 2001
Location: barberton, ohio, usa
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1st: WW-- It's about time someone made a doom variation of dungeon master (a atari game) a bit slow, and the charactor conversation is to repetiteve.

2nd: BGII wouldn't it be great if you could make up you own crew, what i want, not thier charactors!! They mention differant types of fighter and such, but it's not avalable.
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Old 11-19-2000, 07:22 PM   #12

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Ok Gaunty..You can make your own characthers in both Baldurs Gate 1 and 2...The trick is that you start a multiplayer game...,,,But I wouldnt recomend it..since some quests is specific for some of the NPCs

And I agree..You cant compare W.W with Baldurs Gate in no posible way..Baldurs Gate series is in a leige of its own,,Ohh well In one way it could be compared,,,W.W has a downright bad story when Baldurs Gate has a rich and well written story done by great fantasy writers...

With that said W.W is still a fun game...But as stated in a post above this,,They shouldnt have released it....As for real bugs ...I havent yet encountered many(I thought I had one earlier today(becomming a Palladin post)but it was actually me that missed some important things in my log..But the biggest problems is that they have created a gameworld that has so many flaws it annoys the heck out of me...Wich starts at the beginning
of the game when Gareth is telling me that he was at the tomb earlier and that I must go there also ,,Eh ah What,,how in the hell did he go there..did he have a secret way to enter ??? If so where is it ??? And these type of things just gets piled up during the rest of the game also...This is the worst for me, things that isnt even thought thru,
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I suspect part of it was the politics of the business...the publisher forces a specific release date or threatens to drop the project. It's an ugly business from what I've seen of it.

The other part would be what caused it to get to that point, both in taking so long to develop and in not having it in better shape, but as those two things boil down to coding, logic, and compatibility of tools (ie: making it workable for a majority of diverse systems), I suspect there's no real way to pinpoint a completion date. They might have done better to cut their losses on some things in order to get a tighter game, but would have pissed off more players who then wouldn't have met the standards for processor/sound/video/ram/etc.
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