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Old 11-14-2000, 07:03 AM   #1
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Just wondering about which spells I should pick for my chars: best offensive / curing /etc

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Old 11-14-2000, 09:20 AM   #2
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The ones I found most useful were:
Healing Rhelm
Armor Rhelm
Demonic Fist
Elemental Blast

There are more powerful spells that I got later that were very useful too but I used the above spells probably more and any others.

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Old 11-14-2000, 09:23 AM   #3

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I think my fav offensive spell is Magma Bomb. It just looks kewl, plus can knock out an entire pack of wogurs with one blast.
Illuminate will also save you hours of searching for buttons/levers.
And of course, I used Resurrect countless times
Hey Wyv, don't you just love when an enemy casts Demonic Fist at you? Now that one looks WAY kewl comin at ya!
Old 11-14-2000, 04:07 PM   #4
Zhentarim Guard

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I agree, Magma Bomb is just about the coolest spell, my personal favourite. Restore Health is great for curing ailents. Lifesteal is wonderful, works on the Undead!

Of course, Meteorstorm is the most powerful, as are Firestorm and Icestorm. One cool trick, if you enchant items, you can easily get all your characters up to 100% resistance to ice and fire. That way, you can cast the Ice or Firestorms on top of you when surrounded my mosters. They will scream and die, but you can just sit back and chuckle! Its a riot!

I used spirit eye and Illuminate tremendously, and Breath of Air is a must when going underwater. I also think Whirling Dervish is fun, but can backfire on you really easily.

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