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Old 11-10-2000, 12:10 AM   #1

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I think this string can be used for those little helpful hints you discover accidentally.

If you hold the run and jump key down while you swim, you will jump out of the water for little bursts of speed. It is MUCH faster then swimming normally.
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You mean hints like:

Keep one of each identified potion, gem, powder and other "stackable" items. Always give these items to the person carrying the identified ones when you find more. The game will stack the "unidentified" ones with the "identifed" ones and then you don't have to pay to have it identified!
By the way, don't do it the other way round...don't give an identified item to someone carrying an unidentified one - it will not help you!!
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Old 11-10-2000, 04:13 PM   #3
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This is a very basic hint, but it's saved me some heartache; as soon as you leave town, set up your combat macros; as in, get your wizard's battle spells ready to go, fighters on attack, etc., before you even run into any monsters. That way, you aren't scrambling madly, losing valuable distance while selecting your spells.
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Old 11-10-2000, 05:05 PM   #4

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ALWAYS look UP when inside a room in a building. Often there are alcoves up above with special goodies. I have a cool trident that hits 11-14 damage Enchant+1 Hit+1 (without me putting any spells on it -- yet)

Not sure where I got it though....

To get into these alcoves stack boxes, crates etc. Also if you hold down JUMP KEY + RUN + RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON while LOOKING STRAIGHT UP, you jump very far up. You will even cause yourself 1-4 hit points of damage. You can climb almost straight up this way if there is a wall in front of you.
Old 11-11-2000, 02:13 PM   #5

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thats true about jumping. if you have a long jump in front of you, when you hit the wall under where you were aiming (which usually happens ), hold the forward key and the jump key while looking up, and you will slowly crawl up the wall. this came in handy when jumping over lava and such in the mines, and sometimes you can walk along the walls and completely avoind annoying jumping puzzles (also in the mines).

You can heal a vampire with the toughen spell/potions (once it wears off, they retain the 10 hit points).

The last person in your party is usally the one to get hit/crushed by elevators, pikes, traps, doors etc. I don't know why, but put a high-HP person last in your group when crossing traps (such as the pikes in the floor at the temple of isis), since they are the ones that take the damage.
Old 11-11-2000, 03:12 PM   #6
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Monster AI is incredibly bad. If you have some critters which don't attack you right away but do follow you, that you think you may want to get rid of you should walk just apst a door and watch the monsters get killed by the door closing and opening on them over and over. Looks really hilarious.

So far the only monsters I have wanted to do this with were the temple inquisitors. I guess they aren't know for their brains.
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Old 11-11-2000, 03:17 PM   #7

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In the serpent temple there are two secret rooms in the torture chamber. Look in the fire when you go into the torture chamber, and you will see a button. This opens up a hole on the roof. The second one is in the corner of the temple thing by the spider egg crusher.
Old 11-11-2000, 04:32 PM   #8

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In the Gypsy House by the lake, if you push the fireplace forward, there is a secret room under it.
Old 11-11-2000, 05:11 PM   #9

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OK just how do you push it foward thow?

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