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Old 11-13-2001, 05:51 PM   #11

Join Date: August 22, 2001
Location: Garden Grove CA
Posts: 151
Both are good games and I spent hours playing them both. But if I had to choose I would recommend BG2, it's fun continuing the characters you build from BG1 abd finishing that story line. Plus BG2 has a ton of quests you can do and the character interaction and side quests are fun. Especialy doing the romances. Plus in BG2 you have Minsc. And as a member of ALSB you also get Aerie! I guess i should also mention Nalia and Jaheria.
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Old 11-14-2001, 03:02 AM   #12

Join Date: May 17, 2001
Location: The Netherlands
Posts: 167
You know what Ranger, I just might have the answer right here.
Get both games! I'm certain you'll have a good time with both.
Although this may not be an option when your a) short on funds and/or
b) short an time.

I think this is the best advice I can give you, because both games
are good. BG2 is al lot grander and has the beter story line, but
IWD has it's own charm.

[ 11-14-2001: Message edited by: Keylow ]

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Old 11-14-2001, 03:22 AM   #13
Jack Burton

Join Date: November 10, 2001
Location: Bathurst & Orange, in constant flux
Age: 31
Posts: 5,452
i think that BG2 is alot better, but if u r short on HD space, get IWD. BG2 minmimum install = 500mg, Recomended= Approx. 1gig, Full= Approx. 2 gig. It is 4 cds, Iwd is only 2... but bg2 is more fun in the early bits (ive played bg2 up to chapter 3, iwd up to about the second task thingi), And i found BG2 alot better, there are more character types to choose from, You start at about lvl. 6 (depending on ur character- u start at the bg1 level cap) and you have a 3/4 top down view.
IWD u start with 0 xp, There r only the basic character types to chose from, You start at lvl.1 with 0xp, a goblin fight can kill u easily, and the view is terible.
And no, i dont think they both use 2nd edition adnd rules- In IWD, Raise dead cannot be used on elves, reserrection can, in bg2 both can be used on any race.

But if you do get both- play IWD first, otherwise ul find it very boring
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Old 11-15-2001, 01:41 AM   #14
Dungeon Master

Join Date: August 11, 2001
Location: London
Posts: 70
Get Baldurs gate 2!!!!!!!!
Its much better than Icewind dale (which is a good game).
BG2 is bigger and you can get to a much higher level (20).
If you get Throne of Bhaal you can rise to the demi-god like level 40.
\"Ahh\" said the man \"you truly are a mamphee\".
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Old 11-15-2001, 03:18 AM   #15
Red Dragon

Join Date: March 3, 2001
Location: Scotch College, Melbourne
Posts: 1,503
Originally posted by Keylow:
But Icewind Dale is pretty cool too. It may be more hack-and-slash,
but it's still a very good game.
I also think the snow in iwd looks really cool, does the atmosphere a lot of good.
I like some of the spell effects in iwd better than those in bg2
(Cone of Cold comes to mind...).

And iwd has really good music! I just love that Easthaven tune.


There are a heck of a lot more useful spells than in BG2(who really needs 5 different spells to remove magical protections? Anyone?) and the environment is beyond compare.
And everything looks so much better than BG2.. Playing BG2 is less-linear but also less beautiful..
Get Heart of Winter and Trials of the Loremaster and you're pretty much set. Its both 2nd Ed DnD, but Heart of Winter has several 3rd Ed Abilities available..

If you want replayability though, get BG2. Icewind Dale is only good for the first 5 times
\'Cause its always raining in my head. Forget all the things I should have said..
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Old 11-15-2001, 03:26 AM   #16
Horus - Egyptian Sky God

Join Date: March 4, 2001
Location: either CA or MO
Age: 36
Posts: 2,674
man... talking about beautiful

the icy snow covered dale lands are so much prettier than Amn [img]smile.gif[/img]
especially heart of winter... damn, just art
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