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Old 09-19-2001, 11:23 AM   #11
Baron Nocturna
Dungeon Master

Join Date: August 27, 2001
Posts: 53
Chiktikka fastpaws = the reason I dumped Aerie... Oh and she's a freak...

Baron Nocturna

Anyone care to see my Rod of Lordly Might?
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Old 09-19-2001, 11:32 AM   #12
Symbol of Cyric

Join Date: September 1, 2001
Location: Belguim
Age: 31
Posts: 1,259
Aerie for ever i say .
Hail Aerie The One and only god and who does belief in
helm or radient hart i will all kill them.


so sweat , you find them no sweater than this ...
no prettier than this ..

you can geus who it is

!!!!! AERIE !!!!!!
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Old 09-19-2001, 03:01 PM   #13
Elite Waterdeep Guard

Join Date: May 23, 2001
Location: England
Posts: 34
Yes i was romancing her at the time. She just started going on about Uncle Quale and then the talk got round to Beravon and Chikitta Fastpaws. Also in her biography there might be something or it might be something she said. I can't remember.
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Old 09-19-2001, 04:44 PM   #14
Banned User

Join Date: September 3, 2001
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Age: 56
Posts: 1,463
Yeah I also got rid of her faster than Chitika Fastpaws because of this irritating noise - then I discovered the power of Anomen and never looked back. Sadly I did sleep with her before I dumped her - wanted it to be as real-life an experiences as possible...
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Old 09-19-2001, 05:54 PM   #15
Mitro Jellywadder

Join Date: September 5, 2001
Location: Florida
Age: 46
Posts: 1,016
Did she call you twenty times a night or stalk you?
Sorry, flashbacks...
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Old 09-19-2001, 07:15 PM   #16
Lord of Alcohol
Xanathar Thieves Guild

Join Date: January 8, 2001
Location: Charlotte,NC
Age: 54
Posts: 4,561
Anomen vs Aerie....crunch....Anomen yep
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Old 09-19-2001, 07:49 PM   #17
Elite Waterdeep Guard

Join Date: September 19, 2001
Location: Orange, CA, USA
Posts: 18
I believe the Chikteeka information is also in Aerie's Bio on the information screen.

Resistance to Tyrants is Service to God.
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