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Old 01-22-2001, 04:48 PM   #21
"Hell Lich" Wah

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Jon the Cowled Wizard isn't much help to Rikard, and his obsessive rules of magic have been delaying on his mind recently. There seems to be little removal of such a pest due to his powerful magic.

Meanwhile, Wah is under the creepy eye of Jon, and the interview continues............

Jon: Well, well, well my little friend - what have we here?
Wah: I may look like a human, (cough) but I am a powerful lich, do not underestimate me!
Wah: Besides...........your breath stinks!!
Jon: Enough!! I will no longer listen to babbling of ignorant children!!

Jon: Magical Flames: Wah
Wah: Magic Resistance
Wah: Magic Resistance
Wah: Damage Taken 80

Wah: You no longer defy me! Let me go or else.......
Jon: Or else what........fool. This is my tower, my sanctuary = do you believe that I would free you?
Jon: Feeble child, my interest are in you - not that pathetic fool Rikard.
Jon: You hold the Phoenix Ruby, a sacred jewel of ancient power.
Jon: That's why I want to focus on you = you're very interesting.

Wah: Eat This!!
jon: A mint? No thank you, I don't have bad breath.
Wah: NO!!! THIS!!
Wah: Casts Flames Of Darkness: Phoenix Ruby
Phoenix Ruby: Greater Ruby Ray Of Reversal
Jon: Damage Taken 3438
Jon: Blinded

Jon: Where am I!!! Where are you creep!!! You'll never get away!!
Jon: I was starting to look attractive in 1000 years!!
Wah: Stop being so vain.
Wah: I'll take those keys.
Jon: No!!
Wah: And those ones too.
Jon: NOOOOOOOOO!! That's my automobile! I still owe the bartender 30 bucks for that!
Wah: C Ya...........oops I forgot, you can't see: smell ya later then.
Old 01-22-2001, 04:57 PM   #22
Emerald Dragon

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Ohh, sorry, i just sit here in the corner and make notes.
p.s If you do kill each other then what? its like a soap, and very imaginative.
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Old 01-22-2001, 06:09 PM   #23
"Hell Lich" Wah

Posts: n/a

I'm glad you like it, I think it's kinda like a soap thing:

Anyway - here's the story so far -

Hell lich Wah confronts Rikard and demands a challenge, even though Rikard seems to be unaware of the cause. The meet up and fight, with Kael serving as Rikard's assistant.
Though barely defeated, Wah has more secrets tucked within and Rikard learns he possesses a treasure known as the Phoenix Ruby. From Rikard's reaction, we learn that the Phoenix Ruby is indeed a treasure of great power! And not only that, it belonged to his mother who apparently died long ago. Rikard was raised by his father ever since.

However, Rikard isn't the only one who is looking for the mysterious Phoenix Ruby, and they are soon intervened by a Cowled Wizard named Jon The Hell Caster. Jon seems to be just as interested in the Ruby as Rikard is - since Jon believes it may contain a great power for himself. Rikard however, is more curious of how it became in Wah's hands. And what connection did this have to his mother??

Jon's magic proves worthy, and Rikard, Kael and Wah are soon under his power. Apparently Rikard managed to escape without much hesistation - and receives a mysterious call from his father!! His father tells him very little, to Rikard's dissapointment. Meanwhile, Wah suffers under the torture of Jon and it seems like the end for him. Suddenly we hear Rikard's rude intrusion and the process stops!!

Jon laughs and easily conjures a BLUE TIME WARP. Rikard and Kael became trapped within the Warp and their destination are unknown. Wah however, is stuck with Jon - and seems reluctant to fight back.

Later on though, he manages to find the courage within, and blasts Jon to a blind halt with the power of the mysterious Phoenix Ruby.

Wah escapes.............but what will happen to Rikard and Kael? Or Jon?

Will Wah finally reveal the story of how he received the Phoenix Ruby?
Old 01-22-2001, 06:16 PM   #24
Welcomed New User

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(scribble) (scribble) look up ... (note) (note) (scribble) underneath my feet are a couple thousand papers in which i have recorded in this battle...

im the watcher... i will watch what happens...

note note scribble scribble.. note note... (stretches arms) (yawns) (take a cup of coffee) scribble scribble note note
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Old 01-22-2001, 07:50 PM   #25
Emerald Dragon

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Age: 35
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Sitting in the coner, firewine in hand, and nothing......was it cancalled or has every one gone home or the fights cancalled due to rain???????

This thread must be finished.....PLEASE!!!!!!
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Old 01-22-2001, 08:05 PM   #26
Jon the Hell Caster

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Wah: Dimension Door
Jon the Hell Caster: NO!!!!!@
Jon the Hell Caster: Wait a second,
Jon the Hell Caster: Heal
Jon the Hell Caster: Healed
Jon the Hell Caster: Dimension Door Jam
Wah: Returened to normal plain
Wah: What! I! you! ****!
Jon the Hell Caster: I haven't got time for this,
Jon the Hell Caster: Green Beam of Change, Wah
Wah: Shapechanged pencil
Wah: NO! Not again!
Wah: Ill use the Phoenix Ruby!
Jon the Hell Caster: Dis-able magic Phoenix Ruby,
Wah: No!!! How could you!
Jon the Hell Caster: Quite easily in fact
Rikard: Dimension Door
Kael: Dimension Door
Kael: Wah Give back the ruby~!
Rikard: NOW!
Jon the Hell Caster: Silence!
Jon the Hell Caster: Blast of Space Rikard, Kael
RIkard & Kael: NOT AGAIN!#!!@
Rikard & Kael: Banashed to other plain in series 1
Jon the Hell Caster: Now Wah it is time for the truth
Jon the Hell Caster: Shapechange Mind Flayer
Jon the Hell Caster: Now tell me our I will eat your brain and find out!
Wah: Ok! Ill tell!
Rikard: Dimension Door
Kael: Dimension Door
Jon the Hell Caster: What! YOU AGAIN!
Kael: We left an anchor last time so we could come back,
Rikard: Time for you to die~!
Jon the Hell Caster: HAH! You could'nt stop me if you were the strongest mage on the Earth! Because I am from the region of sector 11.
Wah: Now that you are here me and Jon the Hell Caster can proceed.
Rikard: What are you talking about~!
Wah: Oh Rikard you see me and Jon the Hell Caster the whole time were working together against you!
Jon the Hell Caster: Yes and now it is time for you to go bye-bye
Jon the Hell Caster: Dispell Magic Wah
Wah & Jon the Hell Caster: Open Black Hole
Wah & Jon the Hell Caster: Dimension door
Kael: What!@#!
Rikard: Shut up! That wasn't the real Wah, it was some kind of fake.
What will happen next?
Old 01-23-2001, 01:04 AM   #27
Rikard T'Aranaxz

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Dear jon please condult us about the story before you write again coz you kinda screwed up the script
We like you partisipating don't get me wrong but you should know the background of this story
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Old 01-23-2001, 01:36 AM   #28
Rikard T'Aranaxz

Join Date: July 17, 2004
Location: amsterdam
Age: 33
Posts: 4,772

Plaese note: Where Jon says Rikard and KaŽl it should be Rikard and his 6 apprenti

Anywasy back to the story where rikard was killing jon

K: but how do you know this is not the real one?
R: I do not know but somehow i had always had a special bond with that lich character
-You and the rest go shearch for Wah I will handle this puny "Hell caster"
J: Do you honestly think you can win have you forgotten what happend last time?
R: Tell me Jon Did i know last time you were here?
J: ehm no
R: but I do know right/
J: ehm yes?
R: Good boy think about it
Rikard cast imprisonment Jon
Jon imprisoned
Paithan (Rikards Bard left behind coz he's a bit afraid of Wah)
Pa: is he really gone?
R: no A powerfull mage like him is never easely defeated he'll be back
R: but if he is i'll be waiting with Wah..
Pa:How are you so certain Wah will help you?
R: i just know He used to be goood you know
R: used to fought side to side with him
R: if i only knew What changed him
Pa: howcome he has the same neckles as you have
R: I do not know Father didn't want to tell me nor does Wah I have to find him

K: ehm we er found Wah ehm kinda
R: so your a bit sharp today aren't you?
W: Haha very funny remembey me to kill you over it
R: just listen Wah that Jon guy is to powerful for us to face alone we Have to work together
W: with you? I know you you will go home take the credit for it and be the hero once again
R: i would never do that
W: and how about Telahan than ?
W: everybody know you defeated him but nobody knows i was there too
R: that was becoz you turned on me
W: and how about when you were younger? can't you remember?
W: do you really not reconish me?
R: not now i don't (Wah still a pencil remember?)
W: I will help you Rikard For once
R: just like in the old days right?
Rikard cast activate Phoenix Ruby
Wah shapeshift back
R: about that Phoenix Ruby how dit you posses it?
W: there is something very important i have to tell you Rikard
W: You and I are very much alike
W: We are-

Suddenly a hard noise
the ground shakes And burst open
Johnny's back

W: no time for this i will tell you later
R: Alrighgt and you guys go bak Wah and I will fight this battle alone
Paithan dimension door
Aleatha dimension door
KaŽl dimension door
Landon dimension door
Iason dimension door
Lyria dimension door
J: that was a smart thing Rikard This way someone will stay alive
R: hehe you will die so painfully you would wish you were never born
J: yeah whatever
Rikard cast Indifinable Godliness
Wah cast Guardian of the Eternal Phoenix

(now Rikand and Wah look very impresive and shine like lollypops)

W: Now Jon meet your doom
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Old 01-23-2001, 03:56 PM   #29

Posts: n/a

A Dimension Door opens. A Paladin walks in slightly confused. Checks Script . . . looks at Jon and asks: "Hey, excuse me, but who ordered the electric pencil sharpener?" With small smile on his face, the Paladin put the Sharpener on the Mage's Desk and walks back through the Door.

Old 01-23-2001, 04:15 PM   #30
Rikard T'Aranaxz

Join Date: July 17, 2004
Location: amsterdam
Age: 33
Posts: 4,772

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