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Old 01-21-2001, 11:47 AM   #11
"Hell Lich" Wah

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And so, Wah was seriously injured by Rikard's sunray. There was no signs of defeat, nor was the other side prepared to give up. The blood slowly seeped out of Wah's cloak, as it slowly regenerated and healed in a matter if seconds. Wah smiled and embraced himself for the next wave of attack - his eyes glowed a blood red..........

Wah: Foolish..mortal..........(gasp).....(gasp).
Rikard: How can this be!! I merely scratched him!!

Wah: Let me tell you foolish mortal, do you recognise this amulet?
Rikard: The..........Phoenix..........Ruby!!??
Wah: We are not understanding here fool.

Rikard: Understanding?
Wah: Never mind foolish mortal. You obviously were never told the secret by your feeble parents.
Rikard: TELL ME......NOW!!
Wah............................................... ....too late..........!!

Wah: Seven Storms: Rikard
Rikard: fire damage taken 20
Rikard: acid damage taken 20
Rikard: lightning damage taken 20
Rikard: earth damage taken 20
Rikard: cold damage taken 20
Rikard: air damage taken 20
Rikard: Holy damage taken 20

Wah: Casts Eternal Phoenix

Rikard: You know the ETERNAL PHOENIX spell!!???
Rikard: But how?? How did you know that spell!!!??

Rikard:.....ugh...(damage taken 2000)
Rikard: I'm dying
Kael: Me too Rikard
Rikard: Shut up Kael!! I'm not lying!!
Kael: Oh sorry - I was.

Kael: EEEKK!
Kael: I can't move my butt - it's seems a bit stiff.
Rikard: I told you, you should've done more exercise. Or that warm-up this morning.
Kael: No master, I did 2 pushups yesterday, but I still can't move!!
Rikard: WAH!! What have you done to Kael??

Wah: heh heh heh heh heh
Wah: Dimension Door: Wah

Kael: What's that noise...........master.......(whimper)
Kael: I'm scared..I'm scared.
Kael: I'm sca.........

Rikard: Shut Up!!! You said that twice already!!
Rikard: OH SHIT! For once I regret saying that you were ever deaf.
Kael: But I am master.
Rikard: No...........I hear the noise's.........getting........closer..

What is the secret of Wah?
What relationship is the Phoenix Ruby to Rikard?
And the spell?
And the noise?
And finally Will someone kill Kael to shut his pathetic halitosis breathing hole?
Old 01-21-2001, 05:16 PM   #12
Rikard T'Aranaxz

Join Date: July 17, 2004
Location: amsterdam
Age: 33
Posts: 4,772

Icluding some Demi-Gods
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Old 01-21-2001, 05:37 PM   #13
Rikard T'Aranaxz

Join Date: July 17, 2004
Location: amsterdam
Age: 33
Posts: 4,772

Rikard; KaŽl leave this place now *sigh* i can handle this lich on my own
KaŽl: but i can't leave you
Rikard: sure you can just have faith in me
KaŽl: no really i couldn't get up remember
Rikard: stupid kid
Rikard cast freedom≤

R: Wah you have seem to forget something about me
W: No is still know you die quikly
R: yeah you wish
Rikard cast Gain the Mystical Powers of Neathan'Calith≥
Rikard Healed
R: now tell me How did you posses the Phoenix Ruby and what has that to do with me or suffer
Suffer forever under my wrath
W: you cannot make me suffer you wil never learn will you
R: just watch me
Rikard cast false dawn
Wah taken 768 damage
W: is that the best you can do
R: just an appitizer
Rikard cast True Dawn

Rikard caste True dawn and suddenly the world seemed to shift
Bright light came over the lands and reached the eyes of Wah
Wah seemed to meld
but in his extraordinary pain he still was able to cast a dimension door

W: hehe i little trick i learn from a certain Crowled Wizard
Bye Rikard Next time you are dead
R: wait i am not though with you
You have imformation about me
I have to know
W: life and die rikard life and die by the though you could have became the most powerfull being on earth and that you never will be that

so what is rikard's secret
and how does Wah know?
What is the Phoenix Ruby
And what is it's connection to Rikard?
and will he ever find out?
Will KaŽl be able to clean his Pants?
Next time same place i dunno what time

≤freedom is able to draw character out of an Portla like the portal of neverness but only if the spell is directly cast on them
≥Neathan'Calith is Rikards Father
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Old 01-21-2001, 07:21 PM   #14
Rikard T'Aranaxz

Join Date: July 17, 2004
Location: amsterdam
Age: 33
Posts: 4,772

And rikard stoud alone
he was wondering where Wah could have gne to when he suddenly realist
Whatever was maikng that sound was comin closer
Rikard turned around
hehe nice place to cut off and let Wah write again
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Old 01-21-2001, 08:09 PM   #15
Jon the Hell Caster

Posts: n/a

Rikard: Summon Wah
Jon the Hell Caster: Dimension Door
Jon the Hell Caster: This is an unsanctend use of Magical Energy!
Jon the Hell Caster: All involved will be held this disterbence is over!
Rikard: What, are you talking about?
Hell Lich Wah: Shut up!
Hell Lich Wah: Lich Cry, Jon the Hell Caster
Jon the Hell Caster: Spell Trap, Lich cry
Jon the Hell Caster: "You will cease your spell casting and come with me!"
Hell Lich Wah: Never!
Hell Lich Wah: Dimension Door
Rikard: Dimension Door
Kael: Dimension Door
Jon the Hell Caster: Dimension Door Jam
Kael: Returened to normall plain
Rikard: Returened to normal plain
Hell Lich Wah: Returened to normal plain
Jon the Hell Caster: Mass Change, Hell Lich Wah, Kael, Rikard
Rikard & Hell Lich Wah & Kael: Shapechanged pencil.
What will happen now that the Hell Caster has grown weary of the fighting?
Will Wah escape?
Old 01-21-2001, 09:03 PM   #16
"Hell Lich" Wah

Posts: n/a

(Later on in the Cowled Wizard's Tower Of Runes)

Rikard: Pssssssssst. Kael! Can you hear me?
Kael: Yeah? Awwww god, can't feel my arms.
Rikard: That's because we're pencils you silly idiot.

Rikard: Hey? What's that black charcoal doing over there?
Kael: Charcoal?
Rikard: Oh shit! It's him!!! It's Hell Lich Wah!!
Kael: Damn! Must've been really hard for him - one minute a powerful lich, the next minute a...........writing equipment?

Rikard: He's moving!!
Kael: I wish there was a pencil case somewhere.
Wah: This place shall be your tom........WHAT??
Wah: My powers! They are not listening to me, where are my powers!!

Jon The Hell Caster: Yoooo Hoooooooooo, hello my pretty pets.
Rikard: Pets!!!??
Jon The Hell Caster: Yes, pets it's feeding time.
Jon The Hell Caster: Now.......what will it be: fish flakes or budgie nuts?
Kael: I'll take the nuts
Rikard: You never had any anyway when you were a human being.
Kael: Grrrrrrr

Jon The Hell Caster: Silence Pencils! allow me to make my judgement.
Apprentice Of Jon: Why were the pencils not gagged. Did they not try to slay you?
Jon The Hell Caster: I was too tired to approach.
Jon The Hell Caster: Er, regardless, in the end, they can unwilling.
Apprentice Of Jon: What shall be done with them sire?
Jon The Hell Caster: They are deviants - let the rot in my toilet.

Apprentice: Er........sire, your bard is in there.
Jon The Hell Caster: NOT AGAIN!!
Apprentice: Shall I remove him sire.
Jon The hell Caster: Yes, and bring me my spellbook.
Apprentice: Er.........

Jon The Hell Caster: WHAT IS IT NOW!!! I'M A VERY BUSY MAN!
Apprentice: It's in the toilet too, you felt asleep last night whilst doing your........
Jon The Hell Caster: Yes, yes, yes no need for the details - just get it.
Apprentice: As you wish master.

Kael: Hee hee hee hee
Jon The Hell Caster: Polymorph Sharpener: Jon
Old 01-21-2001, 09:10 PM   #17
Jon the Hell Caster

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Jon the Hell Caster:Hehehe I am glad you are taking this so well Hell Lich
Rikard: Calm down at least you weren't sharpened like Kael
Jon the Hell Caster: Silence! Kael has been desposed of in the Hell plain but for you Hell Lich I have a worse fate!
Hell Lich Wah: Oh yeah whats that?
Jon the Hell Caster: This!
Jon the Hell Caster: Dispell Magic Rikard
Rikard: Normal form
Jon the Hell Caster: Bye Rikard!
Rikard: Thanks!
Jon the Hell Caster: Oh its nothing just a way of torturing my friend the Lich
Jon the Hell Caster: Bye!
Jon the Hell Caster: Dimension Doory Rikard
Hell Lich Wah: NO!!! How dare you! GRR>>>>>>>>.........
Will Wah escape?
What will Rikard do now?
Old 01-22-2001, 04:35 AM   #18
Rikard T'Aranaxz

Join Date: July 17, 2004
Location: amsterdam
Age: 33
Posts: 4,772

Rikard cast Define the Goddely Power

Yes i see
now that Jon-guy wil dispose of that Lich character
I must find a way to Dispose of Jon
Let's see KaŽl

Rikard cast Holy Fire
KaŽl Resurrected
K: Damn that was awful
R: Get Paithan, Landon, Aleatha, Iason and Lyria There's a small thing i have to do
K: ehm yes sir

R: there must bbe a way to kill that Jon guy But how

The earth shakes and a sudden mist appears
The mist takes the shape of a God

What is it my son
R: do you know one named Jon?
NC: sure i do but so many
R: he claimes him self to be an Hellcaster
NC: Yes of him I have heard
-He is a dangerous foe
-Be wary of him
-He has powers surpassing those of Telahan
R: Telehan was a weakling
NC: He was Easely defeated But his Ways are still present
-You friend Wah was turned to a lich and thus Telahan will excist untill Wah is turned back.
R: Yeah about him
-He got the Phoenix Ruby
-How can he posses it
NC: I do not know my son
R: You do know
Stop Lying to me I need to know
I need to know My whole History
NC: I ..
I cannot tell you
R: Why not It's vital for me to know
NC: It was forbidden for me to tell you
I cannot help you
R:"you can i will never tell
Nobody will ever hear it again
Just help me
NC: i cannot tell you
But i will help you
Call me when your friends have gathered
R: sure father But I WILL find out
NC: somehow i've the awful feeling you will my son

Meanwhile in another plain in another dimension

Jon: So Wah We are finaly alone .....

So what does Wah know about Rikard that he himself does not know and his father cannot tell
And what is Jon planning to do with Wah?
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Old 01-22-2001, 03:04 PM   #19
Rikard T'Aranaxz

Join Date: July 17, 2004
Location: amsterdam
Age: 33
Posts: 4,772

Well Wah?
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Old 01-22-2001, 04:37 PM   #20
Jon the Hell Caster

Posts: n/a

Fine the story countinues.........
Jon the Hell Caster: Now Wah that you are a Pencil and now that we are alone it is time.
Jon the Hell Caster: SILENCE! It is time for me to find out how you possessed the Red Rubby thing.
Wah: Wild Horses couldn't drag that out of me!!!@
Jon the Hell Caster: Guards!
Guards: Yes master?
Jon the Hell Caster: Do we have any wild horses?
Guards: Yes 4 angry ones, shall I bring them up?
Wah: What! You are going to do i.....
Wah: Maybe now I will tell you...
Jon the Hell Caster: Ahh.... thats better, Speak!
Wah: It all started when I wa.. *BOOM*
Dimension Door: Rikard
Dimension Door: Kael
Rikard: Die JON for turning me into a pencil!!
Jon the Hell Caster: You bore me magleing
Rikard: Ancient Holy Power Jon the Hell Caster
Kael: Fire God Blaster, Jon the Hell Caster
Rikard 568 damage:Jon the Hell Caster
Kael 1 damage :Jon the Hell Caster:
Kael: I hurt him! Yay! I rock!
Rikard: Shut up!
Jon the Hell Caster: I haven't got time for this!
Jon the Hell Caster: Blue Time Warp
Jon the Hell Caster: Summon Black Dragon
Jon the Hell Caster: Miscast Magic, Rikard, Kael
Kael, Rikard: Can't cast magic
Jon the Hell Caster: Now that there is a time warp hole I can leave good bye!
Jon the Hell Caster: Dimension Door, Wah
Jon the Hell Caster: Dimension Door
With the Blue Time Warp Made, and Rikard, Kael heading towards certain doom towards the hole what will happen next?

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