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Let's see... where were we.... ah, yes. Some of the things we've learned in the Gael Serran...

First, if you're having a bad day, you get a little icon or two under your picture showing what's wrong with you.

If you're having a really, REALLY bad day, you can get at least six of them They make two rows... I'm not sure what happens with the seventh one, if you get it.

Second, Radek (I think it was Radek) was right that you need to be level 2 in the wizard guild or temple to train in moon or fiend. Confirmed twice over.

Third, every so often you can run into the true mother of all battles. Tonight it was six or seven Dumdee Oleohs, a handful of Wyr Warriors, and a trio of Wyr Mystics. I hate Wyr Mystics... they vanish you away...

Fourth, after a certain point you apparently stop gaining ability points, even if you've got space left. They're getting few and far between... the warriors and rogue may never raise levels...

The good news... Eljayess finally made it to a class change! We've now got two -- count 'em, TWO! - warlocks, with Eljayess and Flicker.

The strange news... we no longer have an assassin! Periwinkle made it up to level 16 or so, and had enough points to become a bard. She's changed, and is now around level 13 or so. When she started, she needed four FOR points to become a barbarian or something similar... she still does, 13 levels later. See point 4 above...

We still buy rebirth and exorcism scrolls in bulk, and still occasionally run into things that kick our collective butts. Still, it's a lot of fun, knowing that each battle could be your last...

More later as the situation warrants.
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