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Old 08-20-2006, 01:47 AM   #1
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Ahhh, these peasants.... they finally got brave enough to venture into the crypt. Periwinkle, the Oomphaz mage, died in the battle with the bone lord before the entrance to the crypt, but the party persevered. Ran back to town, resurrected her, and all was good.

This time, the peasants spent some of that arbitraged gold on resurrect and life scrolls... at least one for everyone. Should have thought of that earlier...

Well. thanks to that little incident with the bone lord, Periwinkle was another 500 XP behind everyone, so the rest of the peasants made it up to level 3 long before she did. Since she was close, they ran the gauntlet between Valeia and the crypt until she got up there. A couple more troll sniks and a troll mangu, and she was on her way.

The peasants ran down into the crypt, into the first room. Excitedly, they saw a treasure chest, and urged Lightfingers, the Ratling rogue, to pick the lock.

Yeah, right. A Peasant picking locks.

First thing ol' Lightfingers saw, the lock (a one-star lock, BTW) was difficult. Not intricate, not impossible, but difficult. So she tried... and quit. Tried... and quit.

Repeat about 30 times. Apparently, the peasants are too stupid to be able to figure out how to use a pry scroll... they just can't do it [img]graemlins/nono.gif[/img]

Then... success! Lightfingers actually opened the chest!

They celebrated for a couple of moments, then went on.... past the stairs with the hole to the end, where Kerah's statue is on the left and a room is on the right.

A room with a fountain that recharges mana... truly, manna from the gods

And two more chests! Only these are trapped with Poison Fang... but Gruhntella, the dwarven warrior, has some cure poison potions. No problem, Lightfingers!

Yeah, right. After three tries, she sets it off. Gruhntella cures her, then notices she's only got four more cure poisons. At this rate, she could run out...

Another dozen tries, and Lightfingers sets it off again. Suffer, rat... no cure poison until you open it...

She eventually does, and more celebrating takes place. Ahhhh.... success....

After a bit more running the gauntlet, everyone's up to level 4. Well, everyone except Periwinkle, that is... poor elephant is just going to be behind the times...

Nice leveling up, too... Flitter the pixie priest has an 8 SPI now, and in a couple more levels, will start applying points to something else. The mages are close behind, and the warriors are starting to get good dex.

A couple of interesting scenes... after one run past the broken stairs, a critter caught my eye. Turns out it was a stack of rats... and what do you do with rats? Kill 'em, of course!

The wizards laid down shock after shock, wiping out the rats and ready to go recharge mana, when what snuck up behind them but a couple of slimes! About six or seven, to be exact... and they just wasted all their mana on a bunch of rats!

Not a smart move... so we ran back to the fountain, recharged, and away we went.

Aslo saw a banshee this evening (woohoo! 273 XP!) and happened to take a look at the peasant stats. Everyone's got 10-15 kills... except for the wizards, who have ten times that amount. I guess there's a benefit to all that spellcasting...

*yawn* That's all for now... more news later, when it arrives. Who knows... perhaps we'll actually go down the stairs tomorrow... [img]smile.gif[/img]

*Minor edit... undid Lightfinger's inadvertent sex change... [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

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LOL!!! I love these peasants!!!

Oh, I have the "perfect" solution to Periwinkle's being behind all the others -


Let her go out adventuring



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Looking forward too. [img]smile.gif[/img] Great!
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