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Old 08-17-2006, 12:45 AM   #1
40th Level Warrior

Join Date: October 29, 2001
Location: Western Wilds of Michigan
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Kind of bored, so I decided to put together the peasant game. IF anyone else wants to play, let me know -- all you need is the new roster.dat I'll send you. Contains six characters with no skills or abilities, aside from the magic users. I let them have their two spells each...

Party consists of a Gourkh warrior, a Whiskah warrior, a Ratling rogue, a Pixie priest, an elvish wizard, and an Oomphaz wizard.

No equipment. No gold. No skills. No abilities. Nothing at all except 10 HP and a desire for adventure...Discovered a couple of interesting things...

First off, when your attributes (STR, etc.) are zero, they don't show up on the stats page [img]smile.gif[/img] That's right... you get empty spaces where they should be. When you finally start adding them, they show up.

Second thing... as you may recall, SPI determines how fast you regenerate mana points. When it's zero... you don't regenerate Lots of running into and out of town for this party, 'cause it does regenerate when you do that.

Third thing... I admit it. I used arbitrage to get some gold. Sold two of H'Thark's lockpicks, got entry into the warrior guild, and arbitraged a bunch of arrows. I was weak, what can I say.... but they still can't hit the broad side of a barn Yep... these guys have a 50-50 chance of hitting the ground, even with gravity helping...

More details after the first level up. I'm going to be curious to see how many attribute points they get.... among other things.
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Old 08-17-2006, 05:16 AM   #2
Red Dragon

Join Date: January 23, 2003
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This is really interesting. After all this time we still discover new things. [img]smile.gif[/img] Nice experiments.
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Old 08-17-2006, 11:48 AM   #3
Ironworks Moderator

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Did you hear about the Gourkh parachutist???

He missed the earth.

Sounds like he may be in your party! lol!!
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