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Old 01-25-2010, 07:23 AM   #1
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Ironworks Forum What mods do you use?

My list:
NoKillSteal (you still get exp when blue circled allies land a killing blow)

GiftGuide (adds name of preferred recipient to gift description in game)

ReSpec (allows you to wipe attributes/skills/talents and reassign points)

Items Received (Floats text above characters head when an item is received--very handy for kleptos!)
*this one overrides playercore.ncs, may not play well with others

Steal Cooldown reduced (changes cooldown time on steal to 1.5s, can you tell I'm trying a rogue playthrough?)

Next on my list:
Advanced Party (Party members join without any stats or skills pre-selected. Will remove my need for ReSpec if it works)

What mods are you running with?
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Xanathar Thieves Guild

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Default Re: What mods do you use?

The respec mod, and having installed it, I barely use it... I got so used to doing without it that I don't think about that Raven hanging out in camp. The first few runs, I didn't use any, and didn't look either. I do that in all my games, no modding until I've beaten it a few times. After that, the sky's the limit, and if I ever get around to figuring out this toolset, I may do a mod or two myself.
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Old 01-25-2010, 11:57 AM   #3
Fzoul Chembryl

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Default Re: What mods do you use?

-Combat tweaks (tweaks almost all spells/skills to make fighters and rogues stand up a bit more to mages)
-Advanced tactics (more options for tactics screen as well as bugfixes with ai)
-Detailed tooltips (combat tweaks adds one on top of this)
-Chest at camp
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Old 01-26-2010, 08:13 PM   #4
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Default Re: What mods do you use?

Chest @ Camp
Winter Forge (as I hate some of the ingame armours and like to make my own with the same specs)
Respec Mod
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