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Old 10-22-2000, 07:54 AM   #1

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To those of you who play the monk, is he any good? I mean, he doesn't do much damage and he can't hit a thing (compared with the kensai atleast). What do you guys think?
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I played a monk up to the end of act 1. She is now level 15 and has impressive abilities. She killed the shadow dragon in the shadow lord's lair with a single hit (!) and does unarmed damage comparable to every weapon in the game. She is almost as fast as somebody with the boots of speed and almost invulnerable by arrows. IMHO one of the most interesting classes in the game, really worth to give it a shot. Read the kit description (e.g. fists are considered as +3 wepons after level 15, natural armor and the like). I took quite a time to roll the character until I had 18 STR, 18 DEX and 18 END. Now she's hell of a killer.


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Rabit Slayer

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When your generating a character look at the description of the monk.

A bit of a wuss in the early stages of the game but as you progress in levels you'll get some brilliant skills. The monks naturall AC improves every other level or so and the best bit is the immunities he gets at later levels. The culmination is when you hit the 21st level you're immune to normal weapons!!!

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How did u get to level 15 after act one? My friend is playing the game, and he has gone up about 2 levels and he is in act 2.
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Glorick the Half-Orc

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The only way to get to lvl 15 in chap 1 is to play solo.

Tips to being a Monk:
1. you don't need 18 CON, stick with 16 since you get a max bonus of +2 to hps.
2. buy the girdle from adventurers mart when u can and give it to the monk. Then u don't have to worry about strength.
3. Use your skill point on long sword, short sword, and "single handed style" for those monsters u need magic bonuses to hit.
4. Put all your thief skills in Hide in Shadows. Find traps is 100% useless - you can find them but u can't disarm them (doh!). Hide in shadows is cool - you don't become visible until your attack HITS, just like a thief.
5. You start with lay on hands and stunning blow, both are great tools. Try out the stunning blow, it ROCKS.
6. You also have an ac of 2 w/o anything right from the start if you have 18 dex.
7. You have movement almost like boots of speed right from the start.
8. You get bonuses against missile attacks.
9. You go up in levels REALLY fast (like a cleric). You should hit lvl 20 or 21 by the end.
10. Role-playing a monk is tons of fun, and the kicking/punching is a RIOT to watch!

Stats to strive for:
18 str (but doesn't get fighter % bonus so you can have lower - u want the girdle of hill giant strength)
18 dex (a MUST)
16 con (+2 max so don't waste points here)
any Int
18 Wis (nice to get that +4 magical defensive adjustment with ANY character)
any Cha

You can skimp on the Str and Wis if you have to. There are 3 items in the game that will improve your strength.
Old 10-24-2000, 09:18 AM   #6
Brother Zeber

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Monks are pretty decent chrs. , even with the rules BG gives them to use. You save all that money spent on weaps and armor, and I personally love role playing one.

Since I am not a power monger I don't go for the 18 this/18 that thing. My monk is very decent with a 17 st. wearing the gridle of giant strength, and a 17 dex with a ring protect +1 at the end of the very first dungeon, the circus, and some goons in an inn. Ya do need the 16 con unless you are going to set it to easy and max hit points during setup IMHO.

They are fun to roleplay, the AC going down helps alot, and their ability to gain levels is very nice. All in all it is a fun class to play. I am on my 2nd Monk in BG 2 because the first party did something really stupid in the underdark and "your feet make up what your mind leaves to do".

Try the monk, but give them to lvl. 14 or 15 before you discount their abilities. And use the stunning blow.

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