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Old 10-21-2000, 07:25 AM   #1
Matti The Paladin

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Is there any hope to get out from the Flayers Dungeon where is was prisoned? And used me an my party in gladiator fights. Doors are magically locked, so lockpicking is useless..
I have escaped from prison, but i can't get out of from that horrible place. And there's too many mind flayers to kill...

Old 10-21-2000, 02:47 PM   #2
Glorick the Half-Orc

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Go to the blood room. Make blood potions. Go put the blood in the slaves. The slaves will awaken and your path shall become clear.
Old 10-22-2000, 09:28 PM   #3

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I freed the slaves and they are "waiting until i find a way out" and the way has "NOT" become apperent as has been stated that it would. Is there a key or some item i needed to get from either the "fish" that i killed in the areana? or from some other source?
Please help i am stuck.
Old 10-23-2000, 09:02 AM   #4

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In the room with the slaves are a machine you get mind control necklaces (or sumtin) from.
Use one of these on a mindflayer, it will open the doors for you. Though you will have to fight large numbers of flayers, as well as the hive brain. I recommend going north first, there you can get Brine potions, making you immune to psionics for several days actually.
Old 10-23-2000, 12:09 PM   #5

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hey mattiman. u from finland? i am. anyway...almost all the locked doors open if u turn to the slayer then open. rep decreases by 2 tough...
Old 10-24-2000, 03:48 PM   #6

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About those ugly looking brain eating mind flayers. I spent half a day trying to escape from their dungeon. But i shouldn't have really. first things first. After you free the slaves go around the machine over there and use the machines . they will manufacture thorns of domination ( limited quantity though about 6 or . dominate one of the mind flayers that you see or a couple of them if you like but don't waste all of the thorns. then apply invisibitliy potion and lead the mind flayers to the north area. They will open all but the main door for you. To open the main door you will need to kill their boss who is in a room on the very west side of the complex.To get to him though you are going to have to fight a bunch of mind flayers. Here is the tought part. I got killed at least 15 or 20 times before i was able to kill the bastards. Your mind flayers that you trapped should be dead by now because the dummies attack other mind flayers automatically and so they turn visible and die. So you need to get immunized first agains the psionic blast. Still invisible , go to the west and northern room ( second to last ) room with 2 mind flayers gaurding what looks like a fountain. Use the fountain, and you will get potions. The potions will protect you against psionic blast.Then come to the last room and there should be a door which tells you only a creature of godly strength can open it. Don't open it yet. Go south in the room with 3 coffins and rest and save. go back to the room with the door that won't open after you apply invisibility on you.
there will be a hidden door revealed in that room (on the right). Go into the hallway that it reveals. Enter the room at the end of hallway and close it behind you. arrange your members by each mind flayer. Press pause. drink your potions. Still paused, arrange for the persons with the thorns of domination to throw them on the mind flayers. Arrange the other characters to kill the mind flayers in case the domination spell is too slow. ( the thorns should be in your quick item list). kill the enemy. hopefully you will have a couple of mind flayers by your side now. There will be a wand of domination in the middle of the room. take it and give it to a member who can use it. Save the game of course if you havent for the fun part. drink your potions again, open the door and lure one mind flayer from the room with locked door one after another into the room . ONce you kill them turn yourself into a slayer ( will cost you 2 reputation points) . and go and open the damn door.and quickly go back and change into human form. YOU Will die if you don't change after a minute or so ( evil power within and all that) . put invisibility spell on your members go through door. Unlock final door with unlock spell. Have someone cast a death spell. And Voila their leader is dead. This is your ticket to freedom. Kill the rest of the creatures trying to protect him. Again apply invisiblity spell. walk out and don't look back ! ( unless you want to get the items in the room with the 3 coffins where you had rested earlier ) I know this is long but i wish someone had told me all this before !

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