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Old 10-05-2000, 03:03 PM   #1

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I've finished the crypt and have moved
on to the second town but there are two
things bugging me.

First, I killed Scabban and I'm not sure
if I needed to or if I was supposed to.
He never attacked me so I'm curious if I've
screwed up.

Second, there was a chest that I could see
but could never find a way to reach. If you
go up that elevator below where
Scabban was, walk forward and look up over
your shoulder to your left, there is a
ledge with a chest on it in plain sight.
If anyone knows what chest I'm referring to
based on my vague description, please let
me know how to reach it and whether there was
anything important in it.

Old 10-05-2000, 03:12 PM   #2

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I know the one your talking about.. It looks like the elavator will take you where you want to go, but it goes down instead of up, right? What I did was use the barrels and crates. Stack the 2 crates, and the put a barrel on top.. then stack the last 2 barrels on top of each other and use it as a stepping ladder to the set of crates and barrel.. then jump onto the ledge..
Old 10-05-2000, 06:14 PM   #3

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Okay I killed Scabban to, you do want to kill him (Its a wizard guild quest). Secondly that treasure chest there are actually 2 there, I used the crate/barrel method as well but once i got up there I realize how you are actually supposed to do it =). Okay at the entrance to the water tunnel below scabban's room you can get out of the water and walk back toward scabbans room (though you are a level below it). You go through a room that has bones hanging on the wall and chains in various places in the corner of this room there is a button. Hit this button, Then you head toward Scabbans room again. About 2 turns before you reach Scabban's room a little way after the ramp going upstairs you will come to a hallway that has stairs going down on one side and stairs going back up on the other. (it is the only straight hallway that has these stairs). Now if you hit that button a door should have open on the right wall that is a step or so above the ground floor. Jump into the doorway and then you get those chests. (if you understand that I will be amazed =))

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