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Old 04-17-2004, 03:16 PM   #1
Raistlin Majere

Join Date: March 26, 2002
Location: Finland
Age: 34
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How would I go about to make the most powerful spellcaster possible? I read the "badass weapons master" thread, and was just wondering what class(es), attributes, feats and skills would make up a kickass spellcaster...
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Old 04-17-2004, 04:59 PM   #2

Join Date: January 29, 2003
Location: Sweden
Age: 40
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What sort of spellcaster do you want; a Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric, Druid or perhaps a Bard?
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Old 04-17-2004, 06:07 PM   #3
Drow Warrior

Join Date: June 13, 2003
Location: Never Never Land
Age: 52
Posts: 267
epic level wizard w/ those cool epic spells (you need to constantly place skill points in spellcraft to get these). Wizard instead of Sorcerer for the monsterous spell diversity, the additional feats, and as you go epic you will match-up spells per day with the Sorcerer.

Additionally save up 15 skill points by level 22 and take one level at character level 22 as a rogue - for placing points in other skills but also for placing 15 points in "use magic device". This then will allow you to cast cleric and Druid scrolls at any level.

Race: Gnome

Class Wizard (General spell caster, NOT one of the specialized casters.)

Attributes: 18 int., 14 dex., 10 in everything else. ALWAYS incresing int. (to overcome spell resistance, gain more spells to cast per day.. and gain extra skill points.)

Skills - just Concentration and Spellcraft until level 22 (at which point you should have 100 points to spend on various rogue skills - in particular 15 in use magic device, but also in hide and move silently).

Feats level 1: Spell penetration
3: Greater Spell penetration
Bonus 5: Evocation Spell focus
6: Evocation Greater Spell focus
9: Necromancy Spell focus
Bonus 10: Necromancy Greater Spell focus
12: usually Toughness
15: usually Improved Initiative
Bonus 15: usually combat casting
18: usually Evocation arcane defense
21: epic spell Dragon Knight
24: epic spell Epic Mage Armor
Bonus 24: epic spell focus Evocation
27: epic spell Greater Ruin
Bonus 27: Epic Spell Penetration
30: epic spell Hellball
Bonus 30: epic spell focus Necromancy
33: epic spell Warding
Bonus 33: epic spell Mummy Dust

If your willing to loose a couple of feats over a 40 level character then you could create something more complex with the addition of a Pale Master class - but NEVER select the class during a "feat level" (as identified above). (The starting period would be at character level 23 for the first Pale Master level).
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Old 04-18-2004, 05:19 AM   #4
Raistlin Majere

Join Date: March 26, 2002
Location: Finland
Age: 34
Posts: 2,323
thanks scottg, and yes, i was looking for an arcane spellcaster...just forgot to mention it. BTW, should I take a figther type henchman for cannon fodder, or just go solo?
If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst forth at once in the sky, that would be like the splendor of the Mighty One.

"I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."
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Old 04-18-2004, 06:59 PM   #5
Drow Warrior

Join Date: June 13, 2003
Location: Never Never Land
Age: 52
Posts: 267
You know I went back through to see what a Sorcerer would be vs. the Wizard route and the Sorcer still gets considerably more spells per day to fire off. The real downside to this character isn't the reduction in feats or the spells - its the skill points. The skill points only equal 2 per level and you must place at least 1 point every level-up in Spellcraft, plus you should be spending at least 10 in concentration, alltogether which doesn't leave much for build-up when you switch to your rogue class for the "use magic item" ability and the tumble skill (or any other skill like hide and move silently). Still though, you may well find that it is worth - what you will get is 2 extra spells per day at each spell level.

for character levels 1-4 you will probably need a melee-meatshield. Once you hit level 5 you have more spells for offensive attacking AND you can summon your second level dire bore (the first level summon isn't worth squat). And also be sure to select the pixe as your familiar - to disable traps and open locks (an not bad at attacking either).

The lesser summons I like for this are at 2nd level (as mentioned). 5th level Animate Dead. 8th level (Good ONLY) Greater Planar Binding - or if not good then 7th level Summon Creature.

The esential spells are:
1. 4th level Element Shield
2. 4th level Lesser Spell Breach
3. 5th level Mestil's Acid Sheath
4. 6th level Greater Stoneskin (unlike premonition - this one works with element shield and Acid Sheath
5. *7th level Spell Mantel
6. *9th level Mordenkanien's Disjunction

The reason for the two "shields" AND the greater stoneskin is so that you can actually damage virtually undamagable opponents becuase neither spell has a save or dc component (and the greater stoneskin will help you survive all the attacks - BUT you will still need to quaff several healing-type potions while your being beat upon).

*Note: these spells do NOT need to be selected - they can be scroll based because you won't use them that often.

Other spells I would want:
1st level:
1. Mage Armor
2. Shield
3. Magic Missles
4. True Strike
2nd level:
4. Invisibility
5. Cloud of Bewilderment
6. Web
3rd level:
1. Fireball
2. Vampiric touch - this spell just keeps scaling with caster level BUT you might need true strike to actually touch the opponent and you'll need invisibility to do it right OR improved invisibility IF you need true strike).
3. Flame Arrow - the only conjuration based OFFENSIVE spell that I really like as your character gets to HIGH levels. (i.e. select it at MUCH higher levels.)
4th Level:
1. Ice Storm
2. Issac's Lesser Missle Storm (this is to a "lesser" extent your fire power in the game w/ only spell resistance as a concern).
3. Improved Invisibility
5th Level:
1. Ball Lightning
2. Fire Brand
6th Level:
1. Issac's Greater Missle Storm (THE offensive spell in the game).
2. Tenser's Transformation (for those times when your summon isn't enough)
3. Chain Lightning
7th Level:
1. Finger of Death (used like Vampiric Touch)
2. Prismatic Spray
8th Level:
1. Horrid Wilting (often the best way of dispatching a "mob")
2. Bigby's Clenched Fist (Fantastic evocation spell for tough opponents)
3. Fire Storm (works real well with web and cloud of bewilderment)
9th Level:
1. Time Stop (almost a requirement)
2. Bigby's Crushing Hand (like Clenched Fist)
3. Wail of the Banshee (like Horrid Wilting)

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