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Old 11-18-2000, 02:26 AM   #1

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What should be considered when changeing classes?
Do you do it when you are at a low level in present class or just the opposite?
Any pointers are appreciated.
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I read that the common strategy for changing classes is around level 9 where the exp gain stops incrementing exponentially. However, I'm already at level 8 of my THIRD class and I'm still at Ishad Nhah (sp). I recommend changing classes at level 15
or so. This will allow you to make most use of a class b4 moving to another one.
However you might want to change from your beginning classes (warrior, wizard, etc)
at around level 9, since you would have probably gotten the most out of them by level 9...

If you worry about experience, just bump up the respawn and/or difficulty level.
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Old 11-18-2000, 04:24 AM   #3

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You can only change to each role once, you can never go back. Also your magic skills are limited to half the level of any old role if the new role doesn't support that school of magic. For example, changing to Barbarian (which doesn't support any school) limits all your magic. The only exceptions are warlock, and zen master. You will also progress very rapidly throught the levels of a new role until you reach the highest level reached in any previous role. So the most efficient way to progress is to bring each role up to level 14 before changing. That way you don't limit any magic, and notice that you only get one new spell per level promotions. Too few promotions and you will end up with too few spells, especially stone spells which are limited to characters who start as wizards (and zen masters - but see below about that).

Of course, if you're itching to get into a new role anyway you may want to change earlier, it's all a question of what rings your bell. Different roles have different strengths and weaknesses. I didn't care much for Bard or Monk, but loved Warlock. You may want to make sure that you always have at least one role which can use lockpicks. It is also a good idea to make sure that your party has a good variety of roles at all times. Six Rangers all at once is NOT a good idea.

Also remember that because you can't reprise a role you may want to save the best till last. I made a lot of my characters into Samurai pretty early on - and regretted it. Samurai is a good finishing role!

You will not be able to get the Zen Master and Valkyrie roles until almost at the end so ignore these for now. All the others roles will be possible by the time you make it through Ishad N'ha to the lands beyond, even Assassin.

There are a number of opinions on this subject and I am sure some people on the list will agree with the above, and some others won't. That's OK, the trick is to do whatever makes the game more fun for you. Enjoy!
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It is right, that a charakter can only switch to a other class if he release the quests of his guilds ?


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As a side note - if you intend to replay the game, starting over by resetting the quests, it then is possible to take a character back to a previously abandoned class. I had a wizard in my first game that I changed to another class too early. She had only learned spells up to the 4th level. In my replay game, I've been able to change her to a warlock and gain some of what I lost earlier.

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Old 11-18-2000, 11:31 AM   #6
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Thanks, Astyanax12 . . . this explains why my bard character was not advancing, at least she and my MU turned samurai can go to warlock so I can raise up the magics that have stagnated. I'll have to go back over my manual and plan a little more carefully. I had a feeling that I might have been missing something. I am planning on replaying with a mix of experienced characters and a few new. I was running eight and it was just too confusing; too tedious to raise levels. I deleted one before I realised I could have saved him for the next play.

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