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Old 10-01-2001, 11:56 PM   #1
Elite Waterdeep Guard

Join Date: March 5, 2001
Posts: 27
I don't know if anyone else has posted this or not, but I have found a great way to deal with Beholders. I equiped my main character, a fighter, with the Cloak of Mirrors, the Shield of Harmony and Boots of Speed. I then turned him loose in the Beholder Caverns and he really cleaned up. He was immune to almost everything the beholders threw at him save for the fear effect, but the Behlders usually ended up dispelling that themselves. The result was that he cleared the caverns all by his lonesome and took no damage at all, save for a little from some charmed drow. Unfortunately, this only works after you have been into the underdark and the fishman city.

BTW: Has anyone else managed to "kill" Saemon before he can escape from the Githyanki and fishmen? I think I got over 14,000 xp for him.
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Old 10-02-2001, 12:17 AM   #2
Drow Warrior

Join Date: July 13, 2001
Location: Niles,Il USA
Posts: 298
Even better is the shield of balduran. Reflects all beholder attacks back
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Old 10-02-2001, 12:33 AM   #3
Elite Waterdeep Guard

Join Date: March 5, 2001
Posts: 27
That's true, but not all of us managed to get the special edition with those new items in it.
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Old 10-02-2001, 08:26 AM   #4

Join Date: July 11, 2001
Location: Dae Han Min Guk
Age: 38
Posts: 185
Originally posted by Dturner:
That's true, but not all of us managed to get the special edition with those new items in it.
Now, I can't remember exactly where I got it but I downloaded the necessary files to install the new speciality items that come with the limited edition into the normal copy of BG2. Have a look around on the web, you'll be bound to find them sooner or later. They are seriously worth it.
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Old 10-02-2001, 10:37 AM   #5
Dungeon Master

Join Date: August 18, 2001
Posts: 94
Try this site, you'll find all you need and more!

To quote the pestering peasant, Neeber, of tradesmeet: "I killed a rabid rabbit! I'm experienced, now!"
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Old 10-02-2001, 10:56 AM   #6

Join Date: October 1, 2001
Location: Hell
Posts: 195
Yea that relly works for beholders but wat about the Elder Orbs. They can cast maze or imprismonment then its bye bye player .
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Old 10-02-2001, 10:57 AM   #7

Join Date: October 1, 2001
Location: Athkatla
Posts: 196
Well yea Cloak of spell turning will help also.. Just try to be careful or you'll end up here... (hell) iablo:
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