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Old 09-18-2001, 07:16 AM   #11

Join Date: April 28, 2001
Location: Cambridge
Age: 37
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Chinese RPG Characters:

Frost Monk: Uses Frost Attack (ranged roll to hit) that freezes the opponent, killing them is they fail to save)

Sword Saint: Uses Greater Whirlwind liberally and can not wear armour. Like the Kensai but get's monk AC bonuses.

Silver One: Uses Silver Needles that are poisoned for attack. Uses threads to tangle opponents.

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Old 09-18-2001, 04:45 PM   #12

Join Date: June 13, 2001
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Hmm... You're right about just about all of those things, Amergin. Hmm... I'd say the THAC0 penalty to those in combat with him would be better than an innate cloak of fear. The reason I didn't think they should be good aligned was that the Soul Reaver devours peoples' souls... Then again, that could be used for good purposes... I don't really know for sure. Hmm... Death saves bonus is a good idea, I don't know why I didn't think of it. Hmm... I'm working on a story for the elders/etc. I'd have to say I agree with all your suggestions. The reason I suggested the stat mods (although in BG2 they aren't that important, since people will get a decent int anyway to keep from being killed in one hit by mind flayers, probably) is that it seems like it fits the kit. Hmm... It would have only a smallish influence, I suppose, although it would make it a bit harder, since personally my fighter main char had something like 11 or 13 int. *shrug* Sot much else for me to say about it, I guess.

Lord of the RaBid Fruit Trees. ChAos rules all! Bwahahahaha...
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Old 09-18-2001, 05:28 PM   #13
Dungeon Master

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Mystral Knight

This is like a paladin so he can specialize in all the same weapons and stuff, but instead of starting to get cleric spells at lvl 9 he gets mage spells.
The background is that these knights of Mystra are usually trying to maintain balance, although occasionally you get a good one who likes to help others a bit. Also they are there to keep control of spellcasters who get out of hand, and abuse the abilities that Mstra has given them.


Must be neutral, or chaotic good
can cast 'detect spellcaster' once per day per level (like detect evil)
can cast 'protection from magic' once per day per level (lowers save v spells by 2 and gives +15% Magic resistance for 3 rounds)
can cast 'lay on hands'

STR: 9
DEX: 9
CON: 9
INT: 12
WIS: 3
CHA: 9

he learns spells like any mage does and has same spell progrssion as a paladin
he is same as a fighter for HP rolls and THAC0 and saves
maybe he could get 3% magic resistance per level as well


magic is depressing, but now Minsc leads. Swords for everyone! - Minsc BG1
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Old 09-18-2001, 05:46 PM   #14

Join Date: June 13, 2001
Location: Darkness
Age: 33
Posts: 1,033
Hmm... personally, I'd say this might be a bit overpowered... natural magic resistance, protection from magic ability, lay on hands, fighter's THAC0 and HP, and mage spells... How many proficiency points can he put into a weapon? And does this kit have any drawbacks? Because this does seem a bit too powerful, at least to me. *shrug* Just a suggestion.

Lord of the RaBid Fruit Trees. ChAos rules all! Bwahahahaha...
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Old 09-18-2001, 11:59 PM   #15
Thoth - Egyptian God of Wisdom

Join Date: March 1, 2001
Location: NC
Age: 34
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Here are the Prestige classes listed in the DMG:
(Remember, these are 3rd edition, so you'll have to convert)

Arcane Archer
Master of the elven warbands, the arcane archer is a warrior skilled in using magic to supplement her combat prowess. Beyond the woods, arcane archers gain renown throughout entire kingdoms for their supernatural accuracy with a bow and their ability to imbue their arrows with magic. In a group, they can strike fear into an entire enemy army.
Fighters, rangers, paladins, and barbarians become arcane archers to add a little magic to their combat abilities. Conversely, wizards and sorcerers may take this prestige class to add combat capabilities to their repertoire. Monks, clerics, druids, rogues, and bards rarely become arcane archers.
NPC arcane archers often lead units of normal archers or form small, elite units formed entirely of arcane archers. These units are one of the prime reasons that elves are so feared in battle.
Hit Dice: d8

Race: Elf or Half-elf
Base Attack Bonus: +6
Feats: Weapon Focus (any bow other than a crossbow), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Spellcasting: Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells

Class Features-
Weapon and Armor Proficiency
Enchant Arrow: +1 at Lvl 1, +2 at Lvl 3, +3 at Lvl 5, +4 at Lvl 7, +5 at Lvl 9
Imbue Arrow: Lvl 2
Seeker Arrow: Lvl 4
Phase Arrow: Lvl 6
Hail of Arrows: Lvl 8
Arrow of Death: Lvl 10

The Assassin is listed in here, but I'm sure it is different from the 2nd edition. I won't bother posting this one, as it is already a Kit in BG2. As for the rest of them, there are about 4 more. I'm too exhausted to sit in front of the computer any longer, so I'll post the rest tomorrow.

Also, I can give you the one's in the Psionic Handbook and my Dragon magazine if you like..
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Old 09-19-2001, 12:24 AM   #16
Dungeon Master

Join Date: August 10, 2001
Location: Oshkosh WI
Posts: 70
Very cool Nanobyte, thank you for sharing. Excellent topic.
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Old 09-19-2001, 10:33 PM   #17
Thoth - Egyptian God of Wisdom

Join Date: March 1, 2001
Location: NC
Age: 34
Posts: 2,890
The blackguard epitomizes evil. He is nothing short of a mortal fiend. The quintessential black knight, this villain carries a reputation of the foulest sort that is very well deserved. Consorting with demons and devils and serving dark deities, the blackguard is hated and feared by all. Some people call these villains anti-paladins due to their completely evil nature.
The blackguard has many options available to him--sending forth dark minions and servants to do his bidding, attacking with stealth and honorless guile, or straightforward smiting of the forces of good that stand in his way. Fighters, ex-paladins, rangers, monks, druids, and barbarians make for indomitable combat-oriented blackguards, while rogues and bardic blackguards are likely to stress the subtle aspects of their abilites and spells. Sorcerers, wizards, and clerics who become blackgurads are sometimes called diabolists and favor dealing with fiends even more than other blackguards do.
As NPC's, blackguards usually lead legions of undead, evil outsiders, or other monsters to conquer their own doomed demesne or expand their existing territory. Sometimes they serve more powerful evil characters as dark lieutenants. On occasion they operate alone as hired killers or wandering purveyors of ill, destruction, and chaos.
Hit Dice: d10

Alignment: Any evil
Base Attack Bonus: +6
Knowledge (religion): 2 ranks [this is a skill, can veto this out]
Hide: 5 ranks [another skill]
Feats: Cleave, Sunder
Special: The blackguard must have made peaceful contact with an evil outsider who was summoned by him or someone else to have contracted the taint of true evil.

Class Features-
Weapon and Armor Proficiency
Detect Good: Lvl 1
Poison Use: Lvl 1
Dark Blessing: Lvl 2
Smite Good: Lvl 2
Spell Use: Lvl 2; Lvls 2-6: Lvl 1 spells once a day, Lvls 7-10: Lvl 1 spells twice a day; Lvls 4-8: Lvl 2 spells once a day, Lvls 9-10: Lvl 2 spells twice a day; Lvls 6-9: Lvl 3 spells once a day, Lvl 10: Lvl 3 spells twice a day; Lvls 8-10: Lvl 4 spells once a day
Command Undead: Lvl 3
Aura of Despair: Lvl 3
Sneak Attack +1d6: Lvl 4; +2d6: Lvl 7; +3d6: Lvl 10
Fiendish Servant: Lvl 5

Fallen Paladins-
Blackguards who posses levels of paladin (that is to say, are now ex-paladins) gain extra abilities the more levels of paladin they possess. Those who have tasted the light of goodness and justice and turned away make the foulest villians.

Extra Abilities-

Paladin Levels-
Lvl 1-2: Use Smite good twice per day, rather than ordinary once per day for regular blackguards.
Lvl 3-4: Lay on hands once per day equal to his Charisma bonus times his level. Can only cure himself or his fiendish servant.
Lvl 5-6: Sneak Attack damage increased +1d6
Lvl 7-8: Fiendish summoning. The caster level is double the blackguard's class level.
Lvl 9-10: Undead Companion. At 5th level of Blackguard, gains medium-size skeleton or zombie that cannot be turned or rebuked, and gains all special bonuses as a fiendish servant when the blackguard gains levels.
Lvl 11+: Favored of the dark deities. Immediately gains a blackguard level for each level of paladin he trades in.

Dwarven Defender
The defender is a sponsored champion of a dwarven cause, a dwarven aristocrat, a dwarven deity, or the dwarven way of life. As the name might imply, this character is a skilled combatant trained in the arts of defense. A line of dwarven defenders is a far better defense than a 10-foot-thick wall of stone, and much more dangerous.
Most dwarven defenders are fighters, paladins, rangers, or clerics, although ex-barbarians, sorcerers, wizards, and druids can certainly all benefit from the defensive capabilites of this prestige class. Rogues, bards, and monks usually depend too heavily on mobility to really use the abilities of the dwarven defender class to their fullest.
NPC dwarven defenders are usually soldiers in a dwarven citadel, segregated into their own units separate from regular warriors or fighters. Occasionally, a lone, wandering dwarven defender can be encountered on some mission, although he usually guards his words so closely that it's difficult to learn what his quest actually entails.
Hit Dice: d12

Alignment: Any lawful
Race: Dwarf
Base Attack Bonus: +7
Feats: Dodge, Endurance, Toughness

Class Features-
Weapon and Armor Proficiency
Defensive Stance: Lvl 1: 1/day, Lvl 3: 2/day, Lvl 5: 3/day, Lvl 7: 4/day, Lvl 9: 5/day; gains these benefits: +2 Strength, +4 Constitution, +2 resistance bonus on all saves, +4 dodge bonus to AC
Defensive Awareness: Lvl 2 (Dex bonus to AC), Lvl 6 (can't be flanked, only by Rogue 4 levels higher), Lvl 10 (+1 vs. traps)
Damage Reduction: Lvl 6 (-3 damage), Lvl 10 (-6 damage); can reduce damage to 0, but not below 0 (gain HP)

Loremasters are spellcasters who concentrate on knowledge, valuing lore and secrets over gold. They uncover secrets that they then use to better themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.
Characters without at least one level of wizard, sorcerer, cleric, or druid gain little benefit to becoming a loremaster. Paladins, rangers, and bards might gain some benefit, but overall, it would be minor.
Loremasters sometimes gather in secluded cabals but are more likely to be located as an order attached to a university, a library, or some other source of information. They're likely to earn extra money as sages and information brokers, pouring their wages in their own research. A loremaster might also adopt a position as a wise one in a community, or even as its leader, drawing upon her knowledge to help others.
Hit Dice: d4


Spellcasting: Ability to cast seven different divinations, one of which must be 3rd level or higher.
Two Knowledge Skills (Any Type): 10 ranks in each [veto]
Feats: Any three metamagic or item creation feats, plus Skill Focus (Knowledge [any indivual Knowledge skill]).

Class Features-

Weapon and Armor Proficiency
Spells per Day: +1 level of existing class every level of Loremaster
Secret: Lvl 1, Lvl 3, Lvl 5, Lvl 7, Lvl 9; One secret from the following:
Lvl+ Int Modifier=1: 4 ranks of a skill to skill which has no ranks
=2: +3 HP
=3: +1 Will saves
=4: +1 Fortitude saves
=5: +1 Reflex saves
=6: +1 to attack rolls
=7: +1 dodge bonus to AC
=8: Any one feat
=9: 1 bonus 1st-level spell
=10: 1 bonus 2nd-level spell
Lore: Lvl 2: Level+ Intelligience modifier to Lore
Bonus Languages: Lvl 4, Lvl 8
Greater Lore: Lvl 6: Identify magic items as an ability. Once per item examined.
True Lore: Lvl 10: Once per day, use affects of a Legend Lore spell or Analyze Dweomer spell as ability.

Operating in the border between light and darkness, shadowdancers are nimble artists of deception. They are mysterious and unknown, never completely trusted but always inducing wonder when met.
Rogues, bards, and monks make excellent shadowdancers, but fighters, barbarians, rangers, and paladins also find shadowdancer abilities allow them to strike at their opponents with surprise and skill. Wizard, sorcerer, cleric, and druid shadowdancers employ the defensive capabilities inherent in the prestige class to allow them to cast their spells from safety and move away quickly. Despite their link with shadows and trickery, shadowdancers are as often good as evil. They may use their incredible abilities as they wish.
Shadowdancers often work in troupes, never staying in one place too long. Some use their abilities to entertain. Others operate as thieves, using their abilities to infiltrate past defenses and dupe others. All shadowdancer troupes maintain an aura of mystery among the populace, who never know whether to think well or ill of them.
Hit Dice: d8


Move Silently: 8 ranks [veto]
Hide: 10 ranks [veto]
Perform: 5 ranks [veto]
Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Combat Reflexes

Class Features-

Weapon and Armor Proficiency
Hide in Plain Sight: Lvl 1: within 10 ft. of shadows, cannot hide in own shadows
Evasion: Lvl 2: Effect that normally allows to attempt Reflex saving throw, take no damage is successful saving throw, only wearing Light or no armor
Darkvision: Lvl 2: as if permanently under Darkvision spell
Uncanny Dodge: Lvl 2 (retain Dex Bonus to AC), Lvl 5 (can't be flanked, only by Rogues +4 levels higher), Lvl 10 (+1 vs. traps)
Shadow Illusion: Lvl 3: create visual illusions from surrounding shadows, once per day
Summon Shadow: Lvl 3, Lvl 6, Lvl 9: alignment matches that of shadowdancer; cannot be turned, rebuked, or cammanded by any third party; Shadow dismissal reduce 200 experience if unsuccessful Fortitude saving throw, 100 for successful
Shadow Jump: Lvl 4 (20 ft.), Lvl 6 (40 ft.), Lvl 8 (80 ft.), Lvl 10 (160 ft.): area with some shadow, once per day, jumps can be divided
Defensive roll: Lvl 5: successful Reflex saving throw reduces damage that would take HP to 0 by half; if denies Dex bonus to AC, cannot be performed
Slippery Mind: Lvl 7: chance to escape from controlling or compelling spells, use once, and if fails, one more time in the next round, if both unsuccessful continue affects from spell normally
Improved Evasion: Lvl 10: no damage on successful Reflex saving throws that allow for half damage, only half damage if unsuccessful

Well, that's the rest. FINALLY..
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Old 09-20-2001, 01:47 AM   #18
Baron Nocturna
Dungeon Master

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Here is one:

Psionic Warrior:

Basically a monk without quivering palm, stunning blow, lay on hands, and with weaker attacks (i.e. About three levels behind normal monk in respects to damage done per attack, # of attacks, etc... due to devotion of mind focusing), keeps hide in shadows (invisiblity mind cloud or whatever) but loses other thief skills. Must be Lawful Neutral. Must have min wisdom of 15 and int. of 13 and con of 13. -2 to Strength. Maybe -2 to charisma since he has to be an anti-social dork to get so good at mind focusing? j/k on that
Gets the following advantages:

Level one: Innate ability to Charm Person and Pyrokinesis (Aganazzors Scorcher) as per spell.

Level three: Innate ability to use clairvoyance and mirror image per spell.

Level five: Innate ability to use far site and improved pyrokinses (Melfs meteoroids).

Level seven: Innate ability to use feeblemind and Greater Malison

Level nine: Innate ability to use domination and mislead.

Level thirteen: Innate ability to use Advanced Pyro (Delayed blast fireball) and Powerword Stun

Level seventeen: Innate ability to use maze

Level twenty: Innate ability to Time stop.

In many ways, a mage who gets a better AC over time and the ability to fight decently but with VERY specific spells based on the concept of ESP type powers. No real detail otherwise, just an idea... Not sure as per limits on powers per day, any suggestions?

Baron Nocturna

Anyone care to see my Rod of Lordly Might?

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Old 09-21-2001, 10:24 PM   #19
The Magister

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I would like to see a more specialised mage-class. The current specialisations are more restrictions than advantages. For example a Necromancer who would get high-level necromantic abilities like summoning or conjuring more powerful demons with more restrictions to for example enchantment or illousion spells would be rather cool. This could easily be done on lower levels as well, with even more restrictions on your available spells, and more specialist abilities/spells.
As the game works, you can choose between about 10 warrior classes, and one mage class.

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Old 09-22-2001, 10:55 PM   #20
Zhentarim Guard

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k, the soul reaver dude is probably going to be ousted by the psi-mage. from the whacked out psionics rules way back in 1st ed, ive always been a fan of purely mental powers vis. illithids, githyanki, githzerai, and most outer planar creatures.

i suppose the real problem with trying to do anything original with this game is that every effect and ability already exists somewhere else, so the psi-mage will inevitably resemble a cross between an illusionist and enchanter, but it looks fun, balanced, and relatively simple to do.

scaled down monk fighting prowess, his mastery coming from a total harmony between the psychic and physical. probably some minor defense type abilities such as blur. offensive abilities along the lines of holy power or kai. upper level mental abilites would be very charm related, such as a domination that gets harder to save against and lasts longer the higher level he is. also his own saves vs enchantments and mind-affecting abilities would be significantly enhanced.
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