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Old 10-17-2001, 10:07 AM   #11

Join Date: October 1, 2001
Location: Athkatla
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Originally posted by Neb:
A bit of a spoiler about your current party combination.




Minsc and Edwin will get in a fight at some point.

Hmmm... yes ok ill be prepared

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Old 10-17-2001, 11:38 AM   #12
Dundee Slaytern
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Originally posted by Daniel_M:
As you can see im new to this whole notice board thingy, and i need some helpful hints and/or tips for SoA and ToB about creating NPC'c and tips to get me through the game itself any help will be Appreciated.
Welcome to the Forum.

Hmmmm... ...

This is a tricky question, since I do not know your style of play. If you like spell casting, I recommend either Sorcerer or Wild Mage. The former is a formidable spell caster and you can find a link to a spell list I made for a Sorcerer in my signature. The latter is for the potential fun factor, each time you cast a spell, there is a 5% chance a wild surge will happen, this can either be a good or bad thing, and if you are lucky, you will get to see cows drop from the sky.

If you prefer staying in the background, aiding your party with healing spells and summons, you can either be a Druid or a Cleric. The former has better spells, while the latter can a good fighter if you dual from a Berserker at level 12.

If you prefer hacking and slashing and generally be in the thick of action, then a fighter is the way to go. Either a Berserker or a Paladin, with Paladins, you can either choose to be a Cavalier, an Undead Hunter or an Inquisitor, they are meant to combat Demons/Dragons, Undead and Mages respectively.

If you prefer being sneaky and enjoy backstabbing, then maybe a Thief is for you. Assassins are the best backstabbers with a x7 backstab modifier.

If you are undecided on what you want to be, then maybe you can consider being a Jack of all Trades and be a Blade. Here is an URL to some Bard tactics.

Bards are good.

My party usually has two tanks, a thief( acts as a back-up mage or fighter too), two mages and one cleric( acts as a back-up fighter too).

Hope these all helps. Have fun with the game!

Hmmmm... ... if I were to create a multi-player party, this would be what I choose.

Sorcerer <---- main char
Berserker dualled to Cleric

If not a Sorcerer casting total oblivion, then a Cavalier meting out justice. Otherwise, I think I will just be a Blade and torture my enemies with, "My Heart Will Go On".

Platinium Sorcerer of ALSB, Aerie Loving Sacred Band! She's MeowRrrr, and more!

Sorcerer Spell List
Dragon Slaying Tips

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Old 10-17-2001, 05:29 PM   #13

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ignore these savages. take a fighter.

you get 5* profs (which admittedly are vastly underpowered comared to PnP)
you get loads of Hps
you get to use all the best armour

and you dont have to worry about what spells you know etc. altho you still have to worry about everyonone elses, but who cares. a fighter with a decent bow/sling and an excellent sword or 2 will outlast anybody else in battle - with the exception of imprisonment.(apparently the ring of free action negates this).

i usually use:

me, a fighter
minsc, ranger
jaheria, fighter druid,
imoen, mage/thief (why, oh why coudnt they have left her as b4?)
aeire mage/cleric
nalia mage technically a thief/mage but with a level 4 thief you cant do anything at all.

this way you also avoid all those annoying moments when one fireball or horrid wilting wipes out the protaginist and forces a reload, since you are a tank. while imoens MIA take other NPCs in rotation to do side quests. never go back to one - when you first encounter them there XP is set to ~ yours, but if you collect them later they havent improved since.

oh, and NEVER solo a fighter, they cant do traps or avoid magic by themselves.

at first sight monks look ideal for soloing, until you realize this. altho they get the find traps skill (which also removes traps) they can only detect traps, not remove them. if they could do that, well youve got a fighter with accelerated movement, high magic res, rapid attacks, no need for armour/swords (usually) and the ability to do an instant kill attack.

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Old 10-18-2001, 04:48 AM   #14
Zhentarim Guard

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don't play a mage/sorcerer your first time through. even if you've played bg1 the spell system can be very frustrating initially until youve learned the whole rock-paper-scissors of the spells. you might want to try an archer as you can hide, kill from a distance, have lots of hp's and a few spells, and play a class that no NPC is.

dont ask "who should i have in my party". this game was funnest (most fun?) the first time i played because i was absolutely clueless and making decisions on the fly. you'll be a savvy vet soon enough; enjoy the innocense while you can .
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Old 10-19-2001, 04:04 AM   #15

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Thakns for all you feedback. I have come to a conclusion that i will use a half elven Fighter/Mage for Soa and a Wild Mage For ToB
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