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Old 11-08-2008, 12:51 AM   #1

Join Date: June 13, 2001
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Surprised Man Eldath Ra'sin in Beholder Cave: Dispatches me Every Time

* Spoiler *

I am in chapter 2 and I managed to figure out the bridge controls to begin taking out the Beholders. The problem is I can't defeat the drow Eldath Ra'sin who is the first encounter you have just beyond the cave entrance. He is so fast and powerful that he hits me 2 to 4 times to my every swing and he connects 9/10 times while I am lucky if I hit him every 4th try due to his incredible parrying skill. Oh, and he puts serious damage on me each and every time he connects. Add on top of it his many healing potions making this NPC deadly.

I've used haste on myself, have a partner in Nyrrah (sp), and even have a Greater Elder Elemental. Plus I am buffed to the max, but once he dispatches the elemental with ease he pounces on me extremely fast.

My character is a 23rd level cleric and he is no slouch in hp, ac, or weapon. He has great spells but Eldrath is soooo fast I lost count how many of my spells were disrupted... and I lost count of how many times I've reloaded.

The dracolich was a piece of cake compared to this guy.

Seriously, what did you guys do to counter? Thanks.
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Old 11-08-2008, 07:41 AM   #2
Jack Burton

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Default Re: Eldath Ra'sin in Beholder Cave: Dispatches me Every Time

As you probably know, it's no use trying to talk him out of the fight.

I think I would first try to distract him with a summon and slip a Harm spell through his spell resistance (use (improved) combat casting to prevent attacks of opportunity). Follow that up with a good hit or other damage spell while he uses his three cure critical wounds potions or repeat as needed, and you'd be through.

Of course, he does have SR 32 so if your feats don't lean towards spell penetration it might be hard to pull off.

Your other option is to fight him. I might be off a little bit but you're facing about six attacks per round with an attack bonus of 33, and you have to knock off 241 hitpoints through an AC of 43.
I'm not sure what your own combat feats, items and domains are, but with Haste and a Barkskin potion any cleric of your level should be able to get to an AC of 45, four attacks per round and an ab of 39 using basic full plate, a tower shield and random weapon.

If you have protective items giving a +6 AC bonus or better, any AC on your boots, or an AC amulet of over +3 you can boost your armour class further, just as with (improved) expertise, Armor Skin or Divine Shield feats. Get it up to 53 and he'll only score about one hit every three rounds and drastically reduce the critical hits he scores (he's a fighter/weapon master)
If you have weapon feats or a weapon of +6 or better enhancement, your ab likewise goes up. You should be hitting once per round. Sadly though, he's immune to critical hits and sneak attacks.

You might also try to disarm him if you have the feat. He does have good discipline but he'll be a lot less dangerous without his two-bladed sword. It's also the sword that gives him a 10/- electrical damage resistance, though that would make little difference.

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Old 11-10-2008, 01:02 PM   #3

Join Date: June 13, 2001
Location: Northfield, NJ USA
Posts: 1,417
Default Re: Eldath Ra'sin in Beholder Cave: Dispatches me Every Time

I totally forgot about the 10 Heal potions (!) in my inventory. Once I remembered them I could easily outlast him. It still took awhile though because he is still tough.

Thanks for the reply.
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