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Old 08-30-2001, 02:54 PM   #31
Welcomed New User

Join Date: August 30, 2001
Posts: 3
Here are THE best games ever:

1)Starcontrol 2 (Undisputedly, the most involving, entertaining, cool game EVER!)
2)Quake 2(Multiplayer only, because that chain gun RULED!, why didn't they keep it in QIII we'll never know.....)
3)Starcraft(NOT warcraft, which i think BLEW btw)
4)Metroid(SNES,I'd say regular nintendo, but I didn't play/have one)
5)Jedi Knight (force powers AND guns all in one. AWESOME multiplayer, sooo underated and underplayed...what a travesty! ).

Honourable mentions:
6)Contra (SNES, same reason as metroid)
7)Baldurs Gate(all)
8)Civilisation II(just because it looked nicer than Civ I)
9)Wolfenstein 3D (kickin Nazi ass!, and thats where all Doom, Quake and Halflife started from)
10)Zelda(just really good. especially from SNES onwards)
11)Street Fighter II(what a game, arcade, SNES or whatever)



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Old 08-30-2001, 03:14 PM   #32
Legolas the Elven Archer

Posts: n/a
I'll make it a top 15 then. (I might make some changes here and there...)

1: Currently most played: Baldur's Gate series
2: The first game I ever played that wasn't packman: The Secret of Monkey Island (I Loved the "how to get a_head in navigation" joke )
3: Master of Orion
4: The world of Adelpha in Outcast
5: The X-com series (up until part 3 that is)
6: You're only doing good when you're being bad: Dungeon Keeper
7: Age of Empires 1 & 2
8: Command & Conquer
9: Warcraft II
10: Diablo
11: Lands of Lore 2 & 3
12: Theme Park
13: Unreal Tournament
14: Halflife
15: Grand Theft Auto

The last arrow of Legolas kindled in the air as it flew,
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All the others fled. -J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

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Old 08-30-2001, 03:18 PM   #33

Join Date: March 4, 2001
Location: Hertfordshire (near London), England
Age: 33
Posts: 206
ok, in no particular order:

Half-life (including official Add-ons etc.)
BG Series
Dungeon Keeper 1
Doom 1 and 2

Nicodemus Deathslayer, Paladin and Undead Hunter of the Order of the Holy Flame
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Old 08-30-2001, 03:22 PM   #34
Zhentarim Guard

Join Date: August 11, 2001
Location: St. George Utah USA
Posts: 331
No particular order

- Quest for Glory Series (can't believe no ones mentioned these)
- Baldurs Gate 2
- Final Fantasy Series
- Red Alert & Warcraft II tie here
- Kings Quest Series
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Old 08-30-2001, 06:48 PM   #35

Join Date: August 22, 2001
Location: Garden Grove CA
Posts: 151
Originally posted by Avatar:
What is Wizardry 7??? Never seen it in shops.
And what are Master of Magic and all the other cool fantasy ones?
Does Everquest count as D&D?
Are there any other recent D&D Games?
Gee, now i feel old.

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Old 08-30-2001, 06:50 PM   #36

Join Date: August 22, 2001
Location: Garden Grove CA
Posts: 151
Originally posted by Guiseppe:

1) Baldur's Gate series
2) Planescape Torment
3) Eye of the Beholder 1 & 2 (Amiga)
4) Beneath a steel sky (Amiga)
5) Frontier (Amiga)

btw, still got my Amiga('s)
nice to meet another amiga user, I still like to break out my 1000
I wish commodore wouldn't have killed it.
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Old 08-30-2001, 07:13 PM   #37
Sir Kenyth
Fzoul Chembryl

Join Date: August 30, 2001
Location: somewhere
Age: 48
Posts: 1,785
Doesn't anyone remember XCOM? It was one of the best strategy games ever! The graphics and sounds aren't too impressive now compared to more modern stuff but in its day, when average Hard drives were only a little bigger than the average RAM of todays PCs and a 486DX was high speed, it was the game to play! (Maybe I'm just old)
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Old 08-30-2001, 08:08 PM   #38

Join Date: March 11, 2001
Location: North Carolina USA
Age: 52
Posts: 5,177
1.) Wizardry (from late 80's on Nintendo)

Don't scream at me or send me bad emails! I was one of those guys who played paper and pencil D&D only once in a blue moon because my friends were never availible at the same time. I bought this game, sat down in front of my son's Nintendo and didn't expect much. And as far as graphics go I got very little, but afer falling back on my imagination I was riveted. I played a game without having to plan the entire adventure, without having to figure out dice rolls and without killing myself to make everyone else enjoy the game enough to play again. This game saved D&D for me!

2.) Champions of Krynn (the old SSI boxed games) for the same reasons. These games where ahead of their time. Today it's no problem to make a D&D game, but in those days...

3.) Civilization (1st)
4.) All Baldur's Gate Games
5.) Axis and Allies (I've loved this game since the beginning and always waited for the day they would computerize it....even though Hasbro did a sucky job. They patched it a couple of times and quit even though it wasn't right

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Old 08-30-2001, 09:36 PM   #39

Join Date: July 11, 2001
Location: Austin, Texas
Age: 37
Posts: 525
1) Diablo series, excluding D2 which sucked
2) Baldur's Gate series
3) Ultima series
4) Quake series
5) Age of Empires series
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Old 08-30-2001, 11:15 PM   #40
Thoth - Egyptian God of Wisdom

Join Date: March 1, 2001
Location: NC
Age: 33
Posts: 2,890
Hmm.. I haven't played that many CRPG's, or RPG's for the sake of it..

1. BG series
2. Myth 2 (If you haven't played it, you're missing out, Strategy/RPG)
3. Zelda series (any of them are good, about the only worthy RPG of the NES)
4. D1, it was good at the time
5. W&W

I haven't played Ultima, but I would really like to try it. I just can't stand the $10 monthly fee..

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