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Old 11-19-2001, 04:54 AM   #1
Elite Waterdeep Guard

Join Date: September 28, 2001
Location: Portland, OR , USA
Posts: 10
Possible spoiler info follows...
Apparently I have the only copy of the software with this bug...

The first time I played the game, it worked just fine. Phaere sent me to replace the eggs, Soulafein gave me his copies, I cast Sanctuary on myself, snuck into the treasury, placed Phaere's fakes in the container, removed the real eggs, snuck out, went back to Phaere, gave her Soulafeins copies, and proceded to the ritual.

Now however, that is impossible. No matter how I sneak into the treasury, even the same way as above that worked before, as soon as I replace the eggs, everyone in the entire city goes hostile, including Phaere, and I cannot give her the eggs.

I have not seen, nor been able to bring up with a search, any post about this. So if anyone has ever seen this before, please let me know what is up. I'd really like to be able to complete Ust Natha the proper way without having to kill every last resident and force my way out.

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Old 11-19-2001, 05:04 AM   #2
Elite Waterdeep Guard

Join Date: September 28, 2001
Location: Portland, OR , USA
Posts: 10
OK, I found the answer. Baldurdash has a patch specifically for that prolem. Apparently it only occurs after having installed TOB (which I hadn't the first time through). With TOB installed, drow can see invisible characters no matter what, so there's no way to sneak in and out, even when Sanctuaried. I'll try the bugfix and see what happens. I'll leave this here in case anyone else has the same problem and needs the answer.
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Old 11-19-2001, 07:17 AM   #3
20th Level Warrior

Join Date: November 3, 2001
Location: Texas
Age: 48
Posts: 2,830
Yep, happens to me, too. Cast Improved Invisibility, and keep to the LEFT af the passage as you go in, so the red drow won't see you, and everything goes hunkey-dory. Or just do like I did and kill 'em all. Once Matron Mother is dead, the city is unsealed and you can just walk out of there (Cast Mass Invisibility and Haste) and go directly to Adalon, and give her the real eggs, and you're golden.
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Old 11-19-2001, 08:14 AM   #4
Drow Warrior

Join Date: June 29, 2001
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the quest can still be completed without turning the city hostile and without installing the baldurdash patch. you just have to kill the two guards directly in front of the door to the room with the eggs. just walk right up to them and have a swing at them, they always die from the first hit (at least in all of my games). interestingly, the other guards nearby do not notice anything suspicius [img]smile.gif[/img] and the city doesn't turn hostile.
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Old 11-19-2001, 09:24 AM   #5

Join Date: October 24, 2001
Location: Manetheren
Age: 32
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I did the same thing as Frudi_X
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Old 11-19-2001, 11:06 PM   #6
Dundee Slaytern
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: June 10, 2001
Location: Pasir Ris, Singapore
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I casted Mislead at the Temple's exit, walked near those two guards, casted a Skull Trap in between them and killed them both, walked into the room, switched the eggs and walked merrily out of the temple.
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