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Old 05-07-2001, 02:38 PM   #1
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: March 1, 2001
Location: Scotland
Posts: 2,784
For all who responded to my tail of woe, here is the update...

After making arrangements on Saturday, today Monday) some nice people from a firm called Autoglass took my nice red Corrado away and returned it 3 hours later with a brand new sparkling windscreen

Yippee - I can now drive safely when the sun is low in the sky!!! The only problem now is that the rest of the bodywork is looking distinctly shabby in comparison

Btw - I now know why I have insurance (apart from the fact it's compulsory!). The cost of a replacement windscreen works out at about $650. All I paid was the excess (about $80 in your funny transatlantic currency)

Mouse is once again a happy stress-free rodent


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Old 05-07-2001, 02:44 PM   #2
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: January 7, 2001
Location: Monroe, LA
Age: 55
Posts: 7,387
Dear Mouse: Glad you got a new windshield, guy! Hell of a way to have to come by one, though! You're lucky you had insurance...that's quite a hit!

I understand fully about the "need to upgrade" because it looks shabby in comparison.

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Old 05-07-2001, 02:55 PM   #3
Ironworks Atomic Moderator

Join Date: January 7, 2001
Location: Virginia, U.S.A.
Age: 51
Posts: 9,002
I'm happy for you Mouse! Glad you got that new windshield and it didn't take too long either!

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Old 05-07-2001, 03:41 PM   #4
Lord Soth

Join Date: March 5, 2001
Location: Southern California
Posts: 1,948
What is a Corrado? Never heard of it. I know that a lot of cars outside of the U.S have Eoropean versions called different names. Is there an american equivelant, or is it unique to Scottland.

Anyways, glad to hear that it worked out well for you!

"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his."
-General George Patton (1885-1945)
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Old 05-07-2001, 03:44 PM   #5
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: March 1, 2001
Location: Scotland
Posts: 2,784
A Corrado is the coupe version of the VW Golf (Rabbit?) Oh and they don't make them any more



[This message has been edited by Mouse (edited 05-07-2001).]
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Old 05-07-2001, 03:46 PM   #6
Black Knight
Ma'at - Goddess of Truth & Justice

Join Date: March 1, 2001
Location: Delaware OH USA
Age: 41
Posts: 3,168
Wasn't here for the begining, but glad it ended well!



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Consort to a Queen
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