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Old 04-22-2005, 08:19 AM   #1

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I dont quite believe it... wow has upgraded the hunter class, but this news as usualy as a strange twist:


- pets getting next to useless in pvp with sleep and fear and poly..etc.

- pets have 100s trainning points un-used

- hunters have no elite quests (only class without class quests)

- our best rank 30 talent gives a 77 dmg attack over 30 seconds... HAHAHHAHA


- pets can spend 100s points on moving even faster! (woohooo...?).. really useful when they are a sheep!

- we cant use mana drain on druid bear form, our stings can be cured, and our talenst still suck at high ranks.

- We GET a NEW ELITE (60) HUNTER QUEST!!! yay.. thsi si what u have to do

goto Molten Core and loot the quest off the boss, then goto Felwood and SOLO 4 Elite 60 Dragons a demons. SOLO means no help from friends. that not too bad... oh btw, that no HELP from pet either! OR ANYTHING in fact. u have to melee against lvl 60 elite all by yourself. AND they have pets! AGHHHHHHHH
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Rogues get 3 quests, one at level 10, one at 16 and the last at 20. Druid have 3 quests, one at 10, one at 14 and one at 16. So hunter are not much worse quest wise.

I really doubt you have to solo those guy. Try doing it in a party. At worse, have your friend follow you out of party, and once you have damaged enough all the monsters so that they are yours, your friends can join in and finish them.

The hunter class isn't finished they plan to make new skills available and give different species of pet different skills and talents.
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