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Old 11-12-2001, 01:34 PM   #1
Barry Gene Hicks

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My main character is a fighter, so I have been using the De'Arnise stronghold as storage for all of my unused items. I was in another map area when I received a summons to return to the keep. When I returned, Lord Roenall and a few escorts were there to take the keep by force. I killed all of them, but when I went to the drawbridge to go inside, it was closed and the guard said that the keep now belonged to Lord Roenall and the Council of Athkatla had agreed. I have been to the Council building in the Government District and to Lord Roenall's Estate, but there have been no indications as to how I can get the keep back. I have many good weapons, scrolls, and potions stored in the keep that I do not want to simply give up. What have I missed or done wrong?
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Mitro Jellywadder

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It might be a time oriented sub-quest which you didn't finish in time. Usually, when I had the keep, I was inside and the Roenall's showed up. I came out of the keep to fight them on the bridge.

If that's not the case, then it might be a bug. Hopefully, you have a recent save before the battle. I'd suggest running through the battle again.

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Baaz Draconian

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Welcome to IW Barry Gene Hicks [img]smile.gif[/img]

The decisions you make in running your keep influence the lives of all the folk living on your land and they may become increasingly dissatisfied with your rule. Essentially, the locals have a "Revolt" value that you need to keep down to avoid an angry and unecessary altercation. Should you tell the Major Domo to make a decision that is your responsibility, for instance, then the people's "Revolt" value rises by 1. Although the precise value remains unknown to you, talking to your servants can help you gauge public feeling. Nalia also drops hints from time to time to tell you how you're faring.
If the "Revolt" value rises above it's starting value by a total of 10 points, your people revolt. You are ejected from the castle and a guard is placed on the drawbridge to stop you entering.

So if this has happened to you, you have lost your keep for good unless you can load up a previous save and somehow try to please the people in your fort.

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Old 11-13-2001, 03:30 AM   #4

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I've seen a suggestion somewhere that you have to kill Roenall within a minute (real time) - otherwise I assume he 'storms the gate' and you lose the keep.

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