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Old 11-01-2000, 08:17 AM   #1

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O.k. so this is my final final plea hopefully. Can someone tell me specifically where in the hell this key hole that opens this door in the lift maze is. Im about to pull all my hair out. Is it in the same room with the door or in another of the diamond rooms or in one of the connecting hallways. ive about had it. The game is getting really un fun at this point. Thanks for any consideration
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Key hole in the maze is indefferent to escape way from maze. THis key,named skull key, will be got, after escaping maze. To escape from maze, you must lift up or down,and go to southwest diamond room,and there you find wayout from maze.
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I have the skull key. Ive been everywhere in this damn maze I want out how do I open this #$%^%$@#@%^&^%&* door.
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If the above did not work.....

I remember this maze as being four crosses with lifts at the ends of the crosses. You
can draw these crosses out on paper and then map how each end connects to each other
end. Keep track of the lifts that don't work. At some point you will stumble across
a switch and it activates one of the lifts that did not work. Continue to explore (kill)
and you come up with the key to the door at the "end" of the lift maze. And that's about

Hope this helps (whole process should take about 15 minutes to complete).
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The secret to getting out of the lift maze is in the Serpent Master's room. A switch in there activates the double elevators in his room, and you use those to find the way out.
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