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Old 10-31-2001, 07:24 AM   #1
Zhentarim Guard

Join Date: October 18, 2001
Location: Peterlee,Durham,U.K
Posts: 310

I killed me a shadow dragon. Without cheesey tactics and it was the first time i tried. I had a average party level of 11 and it was bloody tough but i did it. I did however find that even my best hand held weapons (daystar and Blade of roses) refused to damage it. Why?

I had to kill it with spells only and the odd sling shot.

Ooh and the slow down was hurendous. My PC is Duron 700 thing ive only got a naff graphics card and things so i was wondering what kind of power i would need to get it running at a good rate?

How do you choose between 2d and 3d?

Any other tips for improving performance would be cool.


Im watching U

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Old 10-31-2001, 07:37 AM   #2
Zhentarim Guard

Join Date: June 23, 2001
Location: Aberystwyth, Wales
Posts: 396
I'm not sure why your weapons weren't working. Could be something to do with damage type immunity. What sort of bullets were in your sling?

As for improving your performance, what sort of graphics card do you have? BG2 has issues with some graphics cards when running in 3D mode. Check the readme file to find out which cards are happy with it and which aren't. If you have a low-end card, it's probably best to stick with 2D mode.


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Old 10-31-2001, 07:47 AM   #3
Zhentarim Guard

Join Date: October 18, 2001
Location: Peterlee,Durham,U.K
Posts: 310
How do i change to 2d. I looked in the graphics options but no mention?

Im watching U

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Old 10-31-2001, 08:59 AM   #4
Dundee Slaytern
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: June 10, 2001
Location: Pasir Ris, Singapore
Age: 35
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The Shadow Dragon casts Protection from Magical Weapons, rendering your magical weapons ineffective. This spell only lasts for 4 rounds, Pierce Magic will remove it.
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Old 11-03-2001, 04:29 PM   #5
Lord Ao

Join Date: August 25, 2001
Location: Winchester ,Virginia , United States
Age: 66
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you need to read page 9 of your Shadows of Amn
or just go to the botton left hand corner of your
computer screen and click on start then click on Programs find Black Isle click, then find BGII-SoA
click,find Bg-config Click then configure game
to 2-D and set anything else that needs to be set
:warrior1: and remember there is no such thing
as gravity the earth sucks!! HE HE HE
Remember these are just games so don't get too upset
when you get your ass handed to you in a hat box
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