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Old 09-26-2000, 12:12 AM   #1

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OK, I am suppoused to kill this mage in Amn for the Shadow Thieves, I have cleared the first floor of his house but on floor 2 there are 2 stone golems, nothing I hit them with including my summoned spirit animals has any effect, all my characters have at least +2 weapons and they still have no effect on these things, any clues on how to take these 2 out? Wish my characters could get some protection as good as these golems have
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You need magic blunt weapon, and good one...I've got the same problem in the Keep in Nalia quest and there was a hammer +1, +4 against giant kin and with it i was able to defeat some stone, clay, iron golems...
For what i have see a mace +1 is not enough to kill a iron golem, but for stone golem maybe the +1 is enough...
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Iron Golems (in the PnP version) require a +3 or better weapon to hit. Also, they are immune to all but a few magics (one of which is fire-based attacks which just heal them).
Where was that hammer you are talking about?

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Old 09-26-2000, 03:33 PM   #4

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When you go to the keep to do the Nalia Quest, in a room just before going in the cave to find her father you'll see a room with at least 6 golem that are inactive...
there is also 3 statues on which you can find some really good weapon like the hammer and the elf bow.... the hammer is on the left statue and once you pick any items, some golems will attack you... the center statue is the one who activate the iron golem...make sure that you're priest have cure poison ready...
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the fire ele summoning spell can do it 6th lev spell. other than that +3 weapons.
A TIP: if it says they SAVED vs spell all the time use spells with no save(magic missle)..OR save for half( lightning bolt, fireball). and memorize 2 times as many

Or if it says magic resistance sometimes. Use pierce magic or lower resist to make more of your spells work more of the time, THEN use the above method
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