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Old 11-28-2000, 03:32 PM   #1

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Hi everybody again

I have got only one airbreather and breath of air skill; do I REALLY need more than one air breahter or should i find some air in the underwater city ?

(I dont't want to go back to Brimlock and anyway the guy at the port has only one airbreather to sell)

answers are welcome
thanx everybody
Old 11-28-2000, 03:40 PM   #2
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YOu can have more breathers made by taking conch shells to the shipwright. You should probably do so for at least a couple more of your party. While there are air pockets in Collasium they can be far enough apart that without the breathers you may have trouble. Some people opted to only get a few breathers and take a smaller party down to Collasium.
I never had any trouble finding conch shells and equipped my whole party.

(do you have the Create Portal, Teleport and Call of Home spells - if you have those, going back to Brimloch is no big deal.)

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Old 11-28-2000, 03:44 PM   #3
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Unfortuntately, I think you need to get 6 of the breathers. There is a cheat note
on the spoiler page of this site (
that helps you in crab conch collection to get the guy to sell more breathers.

Additionally, try to get the Moon teleport spells. It helps with the travel significantly.
Old 11-29-2000, 04:34 AM   #4

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Nope, I did most of Collasium using just a chest-opening guy with the one helmet from the ship builder guy and the 'iron lung' trait. Finished it by adding a second fire-spell guy with a helmet and breather, I needed him to roast the Mother of Crabs. The other four members just sat in the Inn at Brimloch Roon, toasting their toes at the fire and sipping hot mead. They never got to see the glory that was Collasium.

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