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Old 12-03-2001, 06:37 AM   #1
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: February 28, 2001
Location: Boston/Sydney
Posts: 11,767
Here's the table of contents for the Ironworks Photo Album, also known as Stealthy's Site. If you're looking for a particular person, now you can find out what page they're mug shot's on. Many thanks to Melusine for putting this table of contents together. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

To view, you need to click on Pictures on the left side, then at Show Photos.

For info, our original thread can be found here (all 300 posts of it).

If you would like to post your picture up you are welcome to do it yourself (you just need to join up) or otherwise just send a snazzy snap of yourself to either Melusine, Cloudy or myself and we'll upload it for you. We'd love to put a face to the name!

If you do end up putting a purty pic up, please do update this list with what page your pic is on, so I can then update this first post.

NO SPAM ON THIS THREAD PLEASE - let's keep it clean so that it's easy to find people. If you spam, you may find your posts do a vanishing act...

Table of Contents:

page 1. Larry’s Marybeth; Cloudbringer; Rikard; Tobbin; Vicotnik with friend; Sylent; Kylle; Moiraine; Ziroc; Moridin; JJ with daughter Amanda.

page 2. Memnoch with girlfriend Taryn; with friends; with best friend Victoria; with gf and friends; with best friend; on birthday; on birthday; Gray Mage with daughter; Lady Nightshade; KenTeamBG; Ken at Halloween; Scottish Commandos.

page 3. Moscow from Cloudy; Cloudy and friends; Chocolate, Ziroc’s cat; Melusine’s boyfriend; LadyZekke on Wedding; Ladyzekke on wedding; Lady Avalon; Yorick; Reeka; Wolfgir; Sir Tainly; Wolfgir.

page 4. Stealthy in kilt; Charlie with friends; Stealthy with his wife Marnie; Stealthy with Marnie; Larry and newborn Marybeth; Larry and Marybeth; Asphyxiate on Uluru; KdogRex and mother; KdogRex; Kdogrex in Saudi Arabia; Sir Taliesin; Asphyxiate and girlfriend.

page 5. Asphyxiate; JJ and daughter Amanda; Dog of War; Dog of War; JJ’s daughter; JJ’s daughter; JJ’s daughter; Bilqis; Bilqis and husband; Azreall; View from Memnoch’s balcony; View from Memnoch’s balcony.

page 6. Rikard as a baby; Asphyxiate at party; Leningrad view from Cloudy; Cloudy in Russia; Charean; Melusine in Italy; Melusine; Melusine and boyfriend Sebastian; Turbovee and wife Tina; Turbovee’s parrots; Entreri; Aurican and his girlfriend.

page 7. LadyRae and son Will; LadyRae and son; Rikard’s snowboard; Cloudy’s House; Cloudy’s backyard; Donut, Lanesra and friends; Bahamut and prom date; Slackerboy with dog Dominique; Slackerboy; Slackerboy; Slackerboy’s desk; Slackerboy’s cat Ani.

page 8. Slackerboy’s cat; Slackerboy’s cat Obi; Slackerboy’s purple hair; RudeDawg with friend; LadyRae; LadyRae; LadyRae’s son; Charlie and friends; Lord of Alcohol’s hammer; Lord of Alcohol; JJ’s pizza; Lord Shield.

page 9. Ertai; Melusine; Melusine with father and boyfriend; Psychedelic Butterfly; Zeeke; Melusine and Yorick; Gwayne and his wife Cher; Sazerac; Azurewolf with sister Sage; Waluin; Waluin; Waluin.

page 10. Waluin’s book collection; Waluin and his cat Mr Boo; Waluin’s cat Morrie; Sagerider; Donut aged 4; Mouse; Lady Avalon; Lady Avalon and Sandra; Diablorex; Onthepequod’s son; Melusine with boyfriend; Melusine.

page 11. Milamber; Nick1979; Blademaster/Victor von Steiner; Grand Ranger; Ramon; de Ramon; y Ramon; Dawnchaser; Djinn Raffo; Djinn Raffo; Debiler; Conan.

page 12. Debiler; Debiler; Debiler’s band; Rikard; Rikard; Liliara; Tananda; Tananda; Epona; Epona; Memnoch and girlfriend Taryn; Memnoch and best mate Victoria.

page 13. Adam Warlock; SSJ4Sephiroth; Moridin; Sir Tainly; Sir Tainly; Nachtrafe; Arledrian/Sorceror Alex; Avatar; Dragonmage; Dragonmage; Dragonmage; Dragonmage.

page 14. Blade; Elif’s unborn daughter; Elif’s wife; Elif Godson; Larry and daughter; Larry’s daugher Marybeth; Marybeth; Marybeth; Marybeth; Marybeth; Marybeth; Diablorex.

page 15. Wolfgir; Jj’s daughter; JJ’s daughter; Mirac Honorguard; Mirac; Hiram Sedai; Prime2U; Kazara; Vaskez; Lord Shield with brother Stephen; Lord Shield; Skywalker.

page 16. Skywalker; Melusine; JJ’s daughter Amanda; Amanda; Amanda; Amanda; Amanda; Amanda; Larry at Halloween; Lord Shield as a kid; Bilqis and her friend Krip; Psychedelic Butterfly.

page 17. Vaskez; Jerome and family; Nachtrafe and Cloudbringer; Debaser with two friends; Tartlet; Choc Cake; MagiK; SSJ4Sephiroth; Strider; Memnoch's sister Maryrose; Lavindathar; Redblueflare; Tabitha Silverwill; Campino; adam warlock; Moiraine's party; Sir Byronas.

page 18. Moiraine's party; Neb; Sir Regin; Larry & Karen; Sir Regin; Garnet Falcondance; Groljach; Avatar; Eternity.

Page 19. Elif's kids; Lioness; Jorath Calar; Sir Exxon; Sir Exxon's dog; Smoothbrain; Morgeruat; AzureWolf; Durwyn.

Page 20. Scronan; Link; Galadria; Garnet Falcondance; Aelia Jusa; Sir Exxon; Eternity; Davros; Cerek.

Page 21. Memnoch at Christmas Party; Memnoch and Gwenny; Beaumanoir; Legolas; norompanlasolas; Linnea; Arledrian; Avatar and Rachel; Larry; Sir Morguerat and Christine; Justice; Downunda; Reeka; Kyly (Memnoch's friend); Ziroc with our new SERVER!!! (check it out!).

Page 22. Harkoliar; Spelca and Patrik; Spelca; LadyBlue and friends; LadyBlue; LadyBlue on rail; dizzy; Melusine and choir; Bruce the Aussie; Epona; the infamous Phil McCavity crew.

Page 23. The Phil McCavity crew; LennonCook; Black Knight and friend; Rudedawg; Charean; Milamber; Elif's house (?); Kathleen (Arledian's gf); Barry the Sprout; Lanthir.

Page 24. uss; LadyBlue; Glorfindel; Lady Zidane and family; Keia; Elif Godson; Downunda and friends; Bahamut and friend.

Page 25. Lord Shield; Eternity; Aviendha; vesselle; Neb; Aelia & Davros; Neb; dizzy's gf Jill; Heirophant and friends; Redblueflare and Deathkiller; Eternity; SirTainly.

Page 26. Eternity; Lifetime; Mouse.

Because some people have removed photos the listing isn't precise, but it's approximate to the nearest page.

Let's keep it going and growing! [img]smile.gif[/img]

[ 06-17-2002, 06:29 AM: Message edited by: Memnoch ]

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Old 12-03-2001, 06:05 PM   #2
Iron Throne Cult

Join Date: June 3, 2001
Location: There is no IRL, Only AFK.
Age: 30
Posts: 4,896
Good Idea Saz, Its Always Hard To Find The People You Want!!!

Well Done!!
My pokemon bring all the boys to the yard, and they're like; you wanna trade cards? Damn right, I wanna trade cards, I'll trade this but not my Charizard.
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Old 12-03-2001, 07:47 PM   #3
Lord Soth

Join Date: March 5, 2001
Location: Southern California
Posts: 1,948
Good job Melusine!! Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.
\"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.\"<br />-General George Patton (1885-1945)<br /> <br />Member of CLAN HADB<br />Founder of The Anti Clan Coalition
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Old 12-04-2001, 08:48 AM   #4

Join Date: January 8, 2001
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Memny - maybe it would be a good idea to edit the original list every now and then yourself, instead of letting people post additions in this thread. It would give a much better overview, as well as keep the thread clean and spam-free. People could either PM you when they added a pic, or I could check Stealthy's Site periodically and give you updates myself [img]smile.gif[/img]
BTW Redblueflare tells me he's added a pic of himself [img]smile.gif[/img]
[img]\"hosted/melusine.jpg\" alt=\" - \" /><br />Your voice is ambrosia
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Old 12-04-2001, 08:49 AM   #5

Join Date: April 28, 2001
Location: Cambridge
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Just you wait until I get my Digital Camera...

*sorry* can't hold back the lure, the excitment, the incitment, the provocation, the carrot... BLAH
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Old 12-04-2001, 10:14 AM   #6
Jack Burton

Join Date: March 1, 2001
Location: Airstrip One
Age: 35
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Memnoch, please edit page 7 to show 'Donut, Lanesra and friends'
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Old 12-04-2001, 03:24 PM   #7
Iron Throne Cult

Join Date: June 3, 2001
Location: There is no IRL, Only AFK.
Age: 30
Posts: 4,896
Okaaay, I Said Well Done Saz And Milamber Said Well Done Melusine... Poor Memsie, Not Getting Any Credit....

How Do I Get A Photo Of Me On There??? Oh Hang On, I Dont Have A Digital Camera, I Only Have A Webcam, So The Quality Would Be Bad. My Friend Has A Digital Camera, I'll Ask Him To Take One Of Me!
My pokemon bring all the boys to the yard, and they're like; you wanna trade cards? Damn right, I wanna trade cards, I'll trade this but not my Charizard.
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Old 12-05-2001, 03:38 AM   #8
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: February 28, 2001
Location: Boston/Sydney
Posts: 11,767
OK, I updated the first post to put in my sister Maryrose, Lavindathar, Tabitha Silverwill (what a cutie!) and Redblueflare (cool guitar!). Pages 17 and 18. Keep those snaps coming! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Old 12-05-2001, 07:27 AM   #9
Jack Burton

Join Date: June 3, 2001
Location: Among the Stars
Age: 31
Posts: 5,837
Reeka has been so kind as to give me her mailing addresxs, so it's possible you will see me up there at some point in the future. [img]smile.gif[/img]

BTW< Thanx guys for making the list! It really helps!
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Old 12-05-2001, 07:31 AM   #10
Ironworks Moderator

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Hey Mems! Campino is added to page 18!
"Don't take life for granted." Animal (may he rest in peace)
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