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Old 09-21-2006, 11:13 PM   #1
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Last night... first night gaming in a few nights, so I figured we'd just hang around the Spire for a while, maybe do a couple of things, and see what happened. Peri had just levelled up, and was 38k experience from her next; Lightfingers was 15k xp from hers, so we could run the gauntlet in the spire for a while and see what happened.

The usual suspects were present on the way to the Spire, with a multitude of mountain spiders and a wagon full of worgurs. The usual set of scoundrels... nothing abnormal.

Enter the spire, and again, everything's pretty straightforward. They head down the underground river to the waterfall area, making it without too much difficulty, and pick up the chest at the bottom. As bad as these peasants are at swimming, there's no way they'd be able to hold their breaths long enough to open it and loot it.

Success, and then it's up to visit Hephaestus, who gives us a nice wand. Pleasant little fellow... and no, we don't steal from him. Although if he has any mana potions laying around, we might be tempted...

Anyway, it's up on his special cable car, then down to the next challenge. The peasants turn right first, heading over to that underground pool, where Urthdala hides and a Nightblade rests in the bottom. Sure, we've got to dispatch a few dartha eels first, but that's no big problem...

The peasants slay the eels, grab the nightblade (giving it to Gruhntella), collect the divine sigil (letting Flicker invoke it... one step closer to warlock!), and head back out. On the other side... the Taranta Queen. 'Course, she's got a few larvae to dispose of first, but with sword and spell, the larvae soon move on to the next hatching.

Loot the chests along the way, eventually knocking off a Squix, and dispatching worgurs, acidic slimes of some kind, and a multitude of bats along the way.

Soon, they see the queen... and she's certainly harder to kill than the larvae. In fact, she's got a better attack... poison breath, I think.... and she's beating on the peasants left and right. Flicker spends all her time deciding who to heal next, while Gruhntella, Snuffles, and Lightfingers beat on the Queen with swords, letting Eljayess and Periwinkle shock and burn her as fast as they can.

Success!! She falls, and the peasants loot the chest behind her... but no dragon shard. Oh, look... another chest over there...

What's that, Snuffles? You sense a what? A SHAMBLING SLAG?!?!?! Okay, check mana... yep, we're low. Where are they... I think I see... Count 'em... one, two, three, four. Four. Great.

Let's see... do spells work yet?

Nope. One thing left to do...


The peasants try to retreat to safety, but you know the motto of the Gael Serran.... they WILL hunt you down! Sure enough, as the peasants start running through the corridors, the slags follow.... breathing and poisoning left and right.


*sigh* Flicker...?

Hey! Rebirth gives you full hit points.... what about mana?

Nope. Stuck with what you had.

But hey.... only one of the slags is here! We can beat on one at a time... so on go the swords and staves, and with Flicker healing left and right, the slag soon goes down.

The peasants repeat the process, drawing out the other three slags one at a time, and after many long and drawn-out battles, turn the last one into a pool of slime.

They collect the dragon shard, then turn around to head out. Lightfingers has levelled up now, so there's some benefit to heading back to town. They run through the narrow corridors, getting to the end, when....


And they're blocking the only exit.... man, that last battle took half an hour! I'm really not up for this... let's see if any spells work again.

Wow! Spectral raven does some damage! Cool!

Too bad Peri can only cast one, and then needs to recharge.

Flamedrop works... somewhat. They don't always take damage, but they do occasionally. Might as well cast it as often as possible.

Let's see... meteor storm doesn't work. Neither does shock, nor lightning. Meteor? Nope. How about elemental blast... it always hurts the peasants [img]smile.gif[/img]

What the....??? IT WORKED!!!! They took decent damage!!! Cast another one! And another!!! You too, Eljayess!

What??? Out of mana?


Well, let's see... the slags are in an area where they're not chasing us.... I guess we can keep casting and waiting to recharge mana. Eljayes alternates between flamedrop and elemental blast, while Periwinkle switches between those two and Spectral raven.

Wait a minute.... how many slags are there? I count at least six... man, this is *REALLY* unfair!

After multiple rounds of flamedrops, elemental blasts, and spectral ravens, the peasants eventually finished off all six slags.... no mana left at all, since Flicker's also been casting heal on someone every single chance she gets. And we've had quite a few deaths, too... we're probably starting to run low on rebirth scrolls.

With the slags finished and dragon shard in hand, the party heads out, taking the left passage. Running full tilt until they run into the staircase leading up to the exit to Erathsmedor's chamber.... and the multitude of fuming fungi and mollipodi that inhabit it.

Crap. Wish I'd been paying attention... let's try a meteorstorm and see which ones we can take out. At least it works... but none died. They all just took damage... and mana's still low.

Only one thing left to do... RETREAT!!!!!

Oh, goodie... they're following us.... and they're *NOT* separating like the slags did. Flamedrop... but they walk out of it. And man... those mollipoddis are hard to kill... RETREAT!!!!!

We eventually get onto the broken bridges in the lava pit before the caverns where the taranta queen was. The fungi and poddis line up at the edge, falling into the lava... mutant freaks! Doesn't bother them...

Eventually, with spectral raven, lightning, and flamedrop, the peasants take all of them out. They head back to find that one single, solitary mollipoddi hadn't joined all the fun. No problem... how hard can one of them be?

Never ask that question. NEVER!!!

Tell me if you've heard this sound before... *thud* *thud-thud*

Shoot! Someone loot Flicker's body and find a rebirth scroll!

This little mollipoddi takes all the spells we can muster, and is too dangerous to tackle in hand-to-hand fighting! I think it casts Deadly Vapors... far more damaging than Poison Breath, and that was already bad enough!

One thing to do... RETREAT!!!

We back up through a corridor, waiting for it... when all of a sudden it's right in front of us!! We'd changed map segments... we no longer had a long-range view of it.

One thing to do... RETREAT!!!

Back through the underground pool... it's still following...


We head up the huge staircase leading to the cave exit. Safe here, right?

Wrong! Soon enough, the Mollipoddi is climing up those same stairs!

RETREAT!!! We're now in the room with the shield. Peri places the two dragon shards we already have, and everyone else patiently waits for mana to recharge. Looking good... but what's that sound?

It's the door sliding open... AND THE MOLLIPODDI RIGHT IN THE DOORWAY!!!

Crap!!! Spells, anything... then RUN DOWN THE STAIRS!!!

Eventually, the peasants slay this one teeny tiny mollipoddi, but not until Lightfingers has also gone up a level, and the party is really and truly out of mana.

Tonight, it's back to Ishad N'ha for the next level-up, and then back into the spire. And hopefully, *NOT* back into more slags!
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Old 09-22-2006, 10:44 AM   #2
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"Tell me if you've heard this sound before... *thud* *thud-thud*"


Sounds like your peasants could do with a different sort of "retreat" - the nice kind where you get to RELAX!! LOL!!!!
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Old 09-22-2006, 02:07 PM   #3
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Bungleau, how hard can one mollipoddi be?


[ 09-22-2006, 02:09 PM: Message edited by: crpgnut ]
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