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Old 07-20-2001, 03:48 PM   #1
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Im planning on playing a cleric ranger on my next game, and i was wondering if it was better to start as a human ranger and dual to cleric or making a half-elf cleric/ranger multiclass. These are the advantages/disadvantages of each option in my opinion, what do you all think ??

MULTICLASS Advantages / DUAL CLASS Disadvantages

- Multiclass character will go up in ranger too, improving his fighting skills faster than the dualed character.
- No waiting for getting the old class abilities back.

DUAL CLASS Advantages / MULTICLASS Disadvantages

- He will get a higher cleric level, getting more spells
- He can get the 3 * in dual wielding (though this doesnt bother me as i want to use a shield and the flail of ages (Crom Faeyr later maybe))
- Can choose a kit on ranger. Anyway i dont want to use any kit, i dont like the beastmaster, and the others kit wont allow me to use full armor as i want.

As i see it, there is one advantage for dual and two for the multi because 2 of the dual class advantages arent important for me. I think i will choose multiclass character as i want good fighting skills... though you can change my opinion !

Thanks !

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Old 07-20-2001, 04:49 PM   #2

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if you dual class at level 7 as a ranger you will get level 20 as a cleric. YOu will also have a better thaco(8) than you would if you were multiclassed. You will get less weapon prefieces's but that doesnt matter as you can only get specialisation, and you get 6 at start and you will get some as a cleric. and you will have many more spells.

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if this is to be a tob cleric / ranger multi is your best choice. for soa alone the dual may be best.
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