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Only 1 rule- not 1-hit-die-die peoples (Dethm'hn deals 1000000000000000000 damage with one blink)

Lemme christen thy thread with a Hero and Villain..........

Hp: 449
Race: Human
Class: Drifter
Attacks: Rokko Longsword +4, Rune Art, Greater Plane Drifting
Damage: Rokko's LongSword (when he wields it): 4D10 (or forty damage how ever you write that in DnD Terms) Rune Art: Varies from spell to spell.
History: Rokko, like all Drifters, is the natural faith/fighting style opposite of Salsbru, a more lawful/good powers-like fighting style. Plane Drifters (or drifters), dont actually have their own fighting style...... its mostly just an art of plane walking and matrix-esque fighting style that takes years of training and practice to truly master. Anyway....... back to R-O-K-K-O! Rokko's sword will reduce to a mere +2 if Rokko is defeated, the sword simply slowly lose power and it eventually turns to dust! Thats because Rokko is a chosen of Rokosis, the father of all "Warriors of the Blade" and enables him to use the sword's special powers- when he wants it to, his sword can go from anywhere from a +1-+7 instantly!
To reach +7, Rokko must invoke exactly 6 points of strength to achieve the power! He can turn the magic off... but to turn it back into a +1+ he has to sacrifice a strength and a con point! ( these regenerate each day)
He tends to wear items that enable him to maintain good strength and con (if he wants to go to like +40+.... he must sacrifice points from every stat!) He can be commonly be wearing girdles of giant strengths and rings and medallions to gain extra bonuses fur boss and regular battles! YUR TURN!
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