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Old 10-03-2000, 12:01 AM   #1

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I'm new to this game and so to this board also. I've played the game twice through but can't beat Draak at the end. I'm playing a one-character game and it seems that although I'm keeping the good stuff and selling all else, I still don't have the right stuff at the end. My current character is a sorceress who has lots of everything except strength, but apparently not enough. When I try to use the time orb, nothing happens. It either falls to the ground or just gets Draak moving. It does not work as advertised. And yes, it is charged.Exactly how do I use this thing? Because I'd like to beat the game. If I have the orb in my belt, do I right click on it? because I never get the orb icon; just an enraged Draak.I'm playing as invisible but he can see me anyway, it seems. And my most powerfull weapon is the bomb, which does give him a good jolt. And what's all this talk about level one and two spells? I've only ever found one of each book. Anyway, it seems I am not playing strategically well. Any hints for the above?

Also, I tried to answer a couple of questions on this board, but I can't work out how the reply function works as my message did not appear to have been posted against the original question.
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Old 10-16-2000, 07:17 PM   #2

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Hi there. I can answer your time orb question, but since I don't have any magical characters, I cannot answer your spells question. The time orb should be placed on your belt, and when you start to attack Draak, you activate it the same way you would drink a potion on your belt. (Either right or left clicking--I don't remember right off hand) Then when it has been activated, you will see a countdown in one of the corners of the screen. While this countdown is going, you need to give Draak everything you can!! During this countdown, he CANNOT regenerate. If you fail to kill him while the time orb is active, then he will fully regenerate and you have to go back to the wizard and get it recharged.
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