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Old 10-04-2001, 09:48 PM   #1
Dungeon Master

Join Date: June 2, 2001
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I'm lvl 5 Ranger in BG1 right now and I'm planning on taking this character through BG, TOTSC, SOA and TOB....and I would like to dual him to a cleric (or something else.......)

any suggestions? And what level should I dual at? (doesn't have to be in BG1.....dual at bg2 lvls too....)

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Old 10-04-2001, 10:50 PM   #2

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that all depends on what you plan to do with your cleric. Are you picking the ranger for the druid spells (which is what I did) or are you picking one for the dual wield. If you're going to focus on the magic (which is a lot sweeter in BG2 than BG1), then I'd dual him at level 8. Though I'm not focusing on ToB here. I mean, technically, with the 40 bazillion xp cap, you could dual him at 20, but if you do that it'll be like spending almost half the time playing as a ranger, almost half the time catching up as a cleric, and then a bit in the end playing both. Besides, if you're going for the spellcasting benefits, you can dual at 8, have specializations as a cleric, and have all the druid abilities.

If you're going for a melee mage or in this case, a melee cleric, then I can't offer too much advice there. Good luck.
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Old 10-04-2001, 11:17 PM   #3
Lord Ao

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wait until you get to BG2 and duel at level 13 or 14 ranger abilities
max at level 16, priests max at 21 that is until BG2 expansion Throne of Bhaal
then every body maxes at Level 40 so if I were you don't worry about it now
you have A long way to go,so enjoy it.
In BG1 if you really want to duel you have to do it at level 6 other wise
you will never get enough experience points to ever be able to use your
ranger skills again remember in BG1 your cleric becomes 6th level at 20,000
experience points and 6th level ranger at 36,000 in order to use both skills
you'll have to take your prist to level 7 which is 35,000 experance points because you have to be one whole level higher than your original ranger in order to use your ranger skills and 89,000 is all the points you can have
until you add the BG1 expansion Tails of the Sword Coast then you'll gain a few more weapons but no bows or X-bows and your priest will be able to go to 125,000 exp points and only a level 7 cleric so even should duel now at level 5 you can never reach the 150,000 points it takes to reach level 8.
If I were you and wanted to be a Ranger/Cleric and I was only at level 5 in BG1
I wood start the game over and start as a Non-Human Multiclassed Cleric/Ranger
you'll be able to be a 7th level Ranger and an 7th level Priest before the end of the game.
If you start over the first 5 levels go fast the second time and you'll be back to where you are now in no time. Believe me I've played Bg1 and Tales of the Sword Coast close to 30 times and it's well worth the Restart.

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Old 10-05-2001, 12:05 AM   #4
Drow Warrior

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Hrm well the suggestion of starting over as a cleric/ranger multiclassed might work for you in BG I but you will more than likely regret that come BG II. Take advantage of the loophole of casting druid spells and maximize it by dual classing to cleric and getting as many spell slots as possible. If you dual around level 12 you will have a real nice thaco0 and plenty of proficiencies. Or you could go lower if you wanted to. Depends on your party in ToB really.
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