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Old 11-07-2000, 09:54 AM   #1

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I've gotten past the bronze dragon, but the only place I've found is a river that's so strong it always takes me to the same place. No matter how hard I push my keys I land in the same ledge and it takes me back to the start. Am I missing something? I had dropped off that letter in the box a while ago, but never so the guy it was for. Would he have explained something to me? Where do I go from here, please?
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There are two places you can enter the water when you first enter Dragon Spire. The larger area, the one that has a path going along it for some time, is the one you want to enter. The current is going to start taking you back towards the second area but INBETWEEN there is a third area on the far side where you can exit and then be able to explore much more of the caves. You cannot see this area until you let the current start washing you down stream. Just keep your characters facing the N wall (I think) and angled up a little and when the new are comes into view use the numpad "0" to jump out of the stream.

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Interestingly enough, although you can't swim forward along this river, you can go backwards quite easily. I guess your characters are good at the backstroke.
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The Athleticism skill might make a difference.. Using my Samarai as leader with a skill of 5, we were able to swim (using shift key and both mouse buttons at once) all the way upstream from any entry point. He's mighty determined, heheh.
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