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Old 10-13-2000, 03:49 PM   #1

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(Dont read if you haven't done Planar Sphere yet and don't want to know about it)
Fellow mages. Tell me it's not true! Tell me that the Planar Sphere isn't really the mage stronghold I've been looking forward to all this time! Just this last night my party and I crept into the sphere in the hopes of more loot and plunder. What we end up performing is some mission of mercy for an old dying man?! We spend a couple of hours cleaning and tidying all the cretinous monsters he thought he could control, kill a couple of tanar'ri for kicks and he leaves us THAT as a legacy? To add insult to injury I am visited once AGAIN by those infernal Cowled wizards lecturing me on some matter or another. I really am going to have to do something about them soon.

To cut to the chase, I have to admit I was expecting a great deal more out of my 'home'. All I see is a series of badly linked caverns looking more like a dungeon crawler than a mage tower. Where are the hideous creations made only to serve? Where are all my vassals? Where is my laborotory filled with all manner of wonderous spell ingredients?

All I have is one golem whos duties seem to consist of polishing and dusting. My stronghold was never planned to be like this! Surely this cannot be my destiny! Tell me its an illusion/Tell me there's something more than what I've seen so far...

It's enough to make one want to become a thief! At least their leader has a plush lair, a whore, and what looks very much like a whirlpool bath.

For the moment I remain your evil mage, but tides may turn. Anomen is laughing at me now, smug little bastard. I might have to deal with him too.

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Old 10-13-2000, 08:24 PM   #2

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Your an evil mage? Me too.
Evil sorcerer actually. I was disappointed too. Strongholds overall were disappointing. Especially the thief one. Oh well.
Old 10-14-2000, 08:35 AM   #3
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Have you been back to the stronghold recently? You get apprentices too. They make items and wepons. At the moment they r making some pretty lame stuff but i imagine that the things they can make will get better as they progress. The only bad thing is that they actually make u pay for the equipment. (cheapskates.)
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